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Here it begins….back in the gym at last.

My first thoughts while still pregnant were that of course I could train at home while my darling cherub was sleeping, life would be wonderfully uncomplicated!?

Of course these were the mad thoughts of a women yet to fully understand what it means to have a child. Oh the ignorance.

The reality of it though is that it is near on impossible. Between cooking, cleaning, washing and caring for baby, there would be next to no opportunity to lift a dumbell.

I find I am endlessly moving around the flat grabbing any spare moments to get chores done or even trying to eat myself as I now have to make time to eat instead of eating leisurely as before.

With home training out of the question I wanted to stake a claim on Sunday mornings and head down to Crossfit London Gym to work on my recovery.

Simple! I could get a bit of time to myself while Snoop got to know his Daddy a bit better.

I kicked off my plan of attack this Sunday the 4th December.

I wanted to hit Squats, but as I have said in my previous blog I was back to basics.

I woke early and tended to the baby I was excited at the thought of a whole hour to myself. Whoop Whoop

By 10.30 I was pounding the pavement on my way to the gym. I have never been a big jogger but since starting my weekly 15 minute jogs I have really enjoyed those precious minutes to clear my head and feel refreshed. -I strongly recommend every new mother finds time to slip away and .have some Me time.

Now back to the plan………….

Although I was a well trained individual before the c-section and even found it hard to slow my training down while pregnant, this was more serious.

I hadn’t done any strength training in nearly 10 weeks! I can’t remember having such a long break before that???????????

For my first session I wanted to play it safe…………extra safe in fact.

The plan was to drill overhead squats with a pvc bar, wall squats and supported bar squats.

So that’s what I stuck to……….

5 -10 reps of each and a 10 second hold on the bar support drill.

I mixed this up with some stretches and a quick go on the pull up bar………..I had to give it a quick go!!!

(I used a green support band though) -I have to say I wont be trying them out again soon as the band did rub over the scar tissue and irritate it so think they are best left alone for another time!

I went through my circuit of drills 4 times before finishing. That may not seem like much to you but as this was a test run I didn’t want to push my luck. There is always next week!

To my delight over the next couple of days although I had a little soreness I was feeling fine.

The green light to try a bit more next week -Perfect!

As a side note Andrew Stemler, my friend and boss asked if I was going to post pictures of my post baby body and how I was feeling about it.

After consideration, Andrew I thought it would be a dis service to myself and other post-natal Mums if I didn’t.

I am fully aware of  how much my shape has changed and am proud of my Mummy curves.

I will most defiantly be working on losing a few kilos but I think I have to learn to love the fact that my hips will never quite be the same again and instead of trying to achieve the impossible, I am going to love the new skin I am in.

I thought my shape would bother me more and although I do complain to Adrian about my wobble thighs or my big hips, it’s not all that bad,

Posting my post baby picture is my final act of acceptance, call it therapy!

(Check out how many sports bras I have to wear to keep my chest under control!!! Thats 2 at the last count!!)

Mummy Curves
Mummy Curves

Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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