Homemade Pesto

Since going all Paleo I have the bug for cooking all things homemade.

One of my fave things is pesto on chicken so rather then buy a jar I decided I would make my own.

It’s dead simple.

175g Basil

1 cup of olive oil

50g of Pine nuts

Blend all together and there you have it a lovely big batch of Pesto.

I froze a load for another date.

So with my pot of pesto I stir fried up a load of veg and chicken and threw in a heap of pesto. This all went down well with some sweet potato mash. I did a funky number on the broccoli by roasting them with chilli for 10 minutes. Yum Yum.

So how am I getting on…well pretty good actually. I have 5 full days left of being strict and although I am planning what I would like to have as a treat in celebration I pretty much think this paleo thing is here to stay.

In fact I was emailed by a crossfitter from Florida asking advice for her pregnancy, (Congrats Step) and the one thing I wish I had done differently during my pregnancy would be nutrition. I am kicking myself for taking so long about it!

I can understand why some people would look at it and say no way it’s too much effort…I like my food too much but trust me I was that person and look at me now!!!!!!!!

As a side note……

Last night I covered Andrew Stemler’s classes at the Crossfit London Gym. What a wicked night!!

To see what we did check out the posting.

Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


A big Fat Cheat………..

Did you think I meant my 30 days strict?………………

No way!

I am a cheat because I couldn’t wait another 2 weeks to check out my stats.

Like most girls my main concern is the hip area.

In 2 weeks I have lost a grand total of almost 2 inches!!!

My clothes feel way looser and I am not spilling out over the top of my running pants like before.

I can hardly believe the quick and easy results, and it’s not like I am starving myself.

I eat all the time but I guess the difference is how clean I am eating.

Stuff I have noticed…………….

We don’t waste any food now.

I am so regular these days!!! (sorry if it’s too early in the day that)

Cooking is more fun and to be fair quicker.

I am not so god damn tired all the time..well re-phrase that I am tired but I don’t get that crash mid-afternoon.

Generally I feel pretty awesome. Best thing is that this hasn’t compromised my milk supply.

A Pretty Good Curry Sub

Let me share last weeks triumph.

I usually cook a Keralan curry with either fish or chicken, accompanied with rice.

Instead of the rice what I did was transfer the curry into an oven proof dish and then layer a load of curly kale.

On top of that I put a nice thick layer of carrot and parsnip mash.

Awesome-ly delicious and totally paleo!!

A Keralan curry is coconut based with lots of lovely spices and curry leaves. You can find a recipe by google-ing.

Just remember to sub the rice.



Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


What a difference a Week makes…….!

I have been a strict Paleo now for just over a week and I never thought you would here me say this but I am really enjoying eating and cooking this way.

My plate has never looked so colourful and filled with foods I have not tried before. It makes such a change from white bread and white potatoes and so on.

Physically I have noticed almost straight away a renewed level of energy, especially mid-afternoon. My day starts at 6.30am every morning and before I use to suffer badly with dipped energy and reaching from the Haribo or sweet tea. Now I am full of beans. It almost feels like I have more hours in the day because I am not so tired I work more productively.

What made me really cuffed though, was that Adrian has really enjoyed it too. I would have never guessed it would be this easy!!!

I would like to omit that my few cheats!! Not big ones I promise..

We met up with some friends on Sunday for Sunday roast and although we only ate the meat and veg we did have a dessert and a drop of wine. It had been planned for months so it would have been rude not to go just for the sake of a diet.

As far as my worry of milk supply I have found if anything it has improved.

So Happy Days all round.

I can’t wait to measure myself !!!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

Mexican in the House

I said was going to post my Paleo experience weekly but I was so cuffed with last nights efforts I couldn’t resist.

The first meal I ever cooked for Adi was Chicken Fajitas.

I had big-ed it up to him all day that I was going to cook him something amazing, so bless him he didn’t eat too much thinking he needed to have loads of space for this amazing meal I was cooking for him……

His belly was most disappointed when all I produced from the kitchen were a few fajitas.

In memory of this meal I decided to whip up some Paleo fajitas and here were the results.

I stir fried the remainder of the beef from Monday but first rubbing the pieces in  a mix of paprika and mild chilli spices.

I started with the veggies first cutting carrots into batons, with peppers, mushrooms and leeks (I love leeks) oh and half an onion.

While all this was cooking I took my lettuce and went about taking the top leafs off and setting them aside.

Next up making a salad. The rest of the lettuce, tomatoes, onion and cucumber. My last ingredient was a first for me…….an avocado! All dressed with a slashof vineger, oli and sprinkle of salt.

Now to construct the fajitas………..

All we did was use the lettuce leafs to act as the wrap. Bit messy but really tasty and filling.

Paleo Fajitas...munch
Paleo Fajitas...munch

Off to the gym now.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

Don’t mean to brag but………..

I was so pleased with my cooking efforts last night that I had to post a pic.

We had as follows…

Stir fried beef with broccoli, mushrooms, leeks and green beans.

I cooked them with a de-seeded chili and grated fresh ginger and just the smallest dash of soya sauce (I know thats not Paleo but I promise it was less then a teaspoon)

This was all accompanied with carrot and parsnip mash.

After two days I think I am sold. I am loving cooking and thinking of fun ways to create a good evening meal that both Adi and I would both like – as he was always going to be the hardest to sell paleo to, but think I done it, as last night he said “I like this new eating thing. I better learn how to cook like this too!!”

My final word today is a picture of Sebastian. He looks so grown up for 3 months

Snoop @ 3 months
Snoop @ 3 months


BLOG Paleo Mum

With a New Year comes resolutions.

I have lost count of the resolutions from years gone by that I have broken within weeks.

So who is to say this one will be any different…………I am going to give it my best shot!!

Typically I am looking toward my eating habits, which with pregnancy and breast feeding have got pretty wild to say the least.

I need to clean it up and as a Crossfitter I looked toward the Paleo diet.

(Now before you starting thinking “Hey Sally is breast feeding she can’t diet?!” Paleo is more of a lifestyle then diet, I have likened it to becoming vegetarian….Let me explain)

Over Christmas I had lunch with a friend Sham. He and his wife are avid paleo’s. Having not seem Sham in a while I obviously ask for the low down on what he has been up to and conversation turned to eating.

I told Sham of my desire to clean up my habits and that I often thought of trying paleo but to me it just seemed a bit boring and tricky to keep up with .

To which Sham pulled out his phone to show me all the lovely dishes his wife Sonja prepares. She even has a blog Paleo Recipe Queen.

Scrolling down there was everything I liked to eat there on the plate.

This didn’t look to bad especially when you can make paleo lemon meringue pie!!!

It was great catching up with Sham, he had given me a lot to think over. I decided I needed a further look at this diet.

I bought Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution. A funny and colloquial informative book all about the why, how an.d what of paleo.

After reading the first few chapters I was sold……….

Thing is, it is not just about keeping trim. Paleo is about eating right to prevent many common diseases. As a new mother this is very much on my mind as in 3 short months I will be weening Snoop and want to continue giving him the best start I can.

Paleo in a nutshell is eating like Paleolithic man. He was a hunter and gatherer, who ate  lean meats, seasonal veg, fruits and nuts.

It may appear to be a carb free diet to the untrained eye as these days it is thrown in our faces that we must eat carbs like bread and pastas, but Paleo man got all his carbs from seasonal veg, fruits and nuts.

The rule of thumb is :

Gluten free, wheat free and dairy free.

(now I can’t promise I will never eat bread again but I think a good 80-20 rule will apply here)

Sham had said to me if I was going to try it then I should try the 30 day challenge………….

So here I am having completed my first day and half way through the second………

What do I think????

I know it may sound silly to feel the benefits after one day but I really have!!

I think the thing I have noticed the most is without excess sugar ~( I love sweet coffee and tea) I haven’t had the mid afternoon crash, which tends to leave me feeling hungry. I had a nice satisfied feeling without eating a horse.

This is what I had.

Day 1


2 egg muffins (omelette mix with veg and bacon baked in muffin cases)

A large 1/4 of melon


2 Almonds (don’t really like nuts so might have to find alternative)

1 Banana


Canned Tuna with onion and spinach

An apple


Homemade tomato and pepper soup

1 Walnut (see at least I tried the nut thing but I truly don’t like them!!)


Roasted veg with chilli and sausages (gluten, wheat and dairy free sausages)

A baked sweet potato

Half way through dinner I turned to Adi and said I getting full already and still so much left on the plate!!

I can honestly say my belly was well and truly happy at the end of the day.

Maybe this wont be so bad after all.

This morning I took some measurements that I will compare at the end of 30 days.

Dress size 12

Waist 31.5

Thighs 22 (here and my hips is where I carry the most)

Hips 41

Arms 11.5

I am going to resist measuring weekly and save it all for after the 30 days. In the meantime I will blog weekly how I have got on with making meals and generally how I have got on with it.

(Along side the 30 days I will be doing 2 x 20 minute run and 1 gym session a week)