A big Fat Cheat………..

Did you think I meant my 30 days strict?………………

No way!

I am a cheat because I couldn’t wait another 2 weeks to check out my stats.

Like most girls my main concern is the hip area.

In 2 weeks I have lost a grand total of almost 2 inches!!!

My clothes feel way looser and I am not spilling out over the top of my running pants like before.

I can hardly believe the quick and easy results, and it’s not like I am starving myself.

I eat all the time but I guess the difference is how clean I am eating.

Stuff I have noticed…………….

We don’t waste any food now.

I am so regular these days!!! (sorry if it’s too early in the day that)

Cooking is more fun and to be fair quicker.

I am not so god damn tired all the time..well re-phrase that I am tired but I don’t get that crash mid-afternoon.

Generally I feel pretty awesome. Best thing is that this hasn’t compromised my milk supply.

A Pretty Good Curry Sub

Let me share last weeks triumph.

I usually cook a Keralan curry with either fish or chicken, accompanied with rice.

Instead of the rice what I did was transfer the curry into an oven proof dish and then layer a load of curly kale.

On top of that I put a nice thick layer of carrot and parsnip mash.

Awesome-ly delicious and totally paleo!!

A Keralan curry is coconut based with lots of lovely spices and curry leaves. You can find a recipe by google-ing.

Just remember to sub the rice.



Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


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