Don’t mean to brag but………..

I was so pleased with my cooking efforts last night that I had to post a pic.

We had as follows…

Stir fried beef with broccoli, mushrooms, leeks and green beans.

I cooked them with a de-seeded chili and grated fresh ginger and just the smallest dash of soya sauce (I know thats not Paleo but I promise it was less then a teaspoon)

This was all accompanied with carrot and parsnip mash.

After two days I think I am sold. I am loving cooking and thinking of fun ways to create a good evening meal that both Adi and I would both like – as he was always going to be the hardest to sell paleo to, but think I done it, as last night he said “I like this new eating thing. I better learn how to cook like this too!!”

My final word today is a picture of Sebastian. He looks so grown up for 3 months

Snoop @ 3 months
Snoop @ 3 months


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