Homemade Pesto

Since going all Paleo I have the bug for cooking all things homemade.

One of my fave things is pesto on chicken so rather then buy a jar I decided I would make my own.

It’s dead simple.

175g Basil

1 cup of olive oil

50g of Pine nuts

Blend all together and there you have it a lovely big batch of Pesto.

I froze a load for another date.

So with my pot of pesto I stir fried up a load of veg and chicken and threw in a heap of pesto. This all went down well with some sweet potato mash. I did a funky number on the broccoli by roasting them with chilli for 10 minutes. Yum Yum.

So how am I getting on…well pretty good actually. I have 5 full days left of being strict and although I am planning what I would like to have as a treat in celebration I pretty much think this paleo thing is here to stay.

In fact I was emailed by a crossfitter from Florida asking advice for her pregnancy, (Congrats Step) and the one thing I wish I had done differently during my pregnancy would be nutrition. I am kicking myself for taking so long about it!

I can understand why some people would look at it and say no way it’s too much effort…I like my food too much but trust me I was that person and look at me now!!!!!!!!

As a side note……

Last night I covered Andrew Stemler’s classes at the Crossfit London Gym. What a wicked night!!

To see what we did check out the posting.

Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


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