Mexican in the House

I said was going to post my Paleo experience weekly but I was so cuffed with last nights efforts I couldn’t resist.

The first meal I ever cooked for Adi was Chicken Fajitas.

I had big-ed it up to him all day that I was going to cook him something amazing, so bless him he didn’t eat too much thinking he needed to have loads of space for this amazing meal I was cooking for him……

His belly was most disappointed when all I produced from the kitchen were a few fajitas.

In memory of this meal I decided to whip up some Paleo fajitas and here were the results.

I stir fried the remainder of the beef from Monday but first rubbing the pieces in  a mix of paprika and mild chilli spices.

I started with the veggies first cutting carrots into batons, with peppers, mushrooms and leeks (I love leeks) oh and half an onion.

While all this was cooking I took my lettuce and went about taking the top leafs off and setting them aside.

Next up making a salad. The rest of the lettuce, tomatoes, onion and cucumber. My last ingredient was a first for me…….an avocado! All dressed with a slashof vineger, oli and sprinkle of salt.

Now to construct the fajitas………..

All we did was use the lettuce leafs to act as the wrap. Bit messy but really tasty and filling.

Paleo Fajitas...munch
Paleo Fajitas...munch

Off to the gym now.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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