Bending the rules a little………….

For anyone following my paleo journey will remember an earlier post where I was struggling with nuts.

In a nutshell I can’t stand them. I did try to prove to myself whether it was just a childhood fear or a true hatred and unlike with avocados (another pet hate -but we will cover avo’s on my next post) my gag reflex was well and truly worked out!

This has meant I have had to find alternatives to eat. Not an easy task as I don’t want to be one of those guys who eats their weight in meat!!!

If nuts aren’t going to be part of my diet, what can I use to bump up my daily intake???????????

The thing I miss the most during the challenge was cheese and yogurt. I love the stuff. Pre-pregnancy it was a regualr part of my diet but aware its very high fat content I used it in moderation. I love how it adds a little something to dishes.

Anyways enough of my cheese ramblings back to my point.

Now I am have completed my 30 days I can fully understand the principal of eliminating wheat and gluten, my issues are with dairy.

I have no science behind why I want to reintroduce it into my diet, quiet simply I love a bit of cheese from time to time.

And with a dislike of nuts this is the plan.

(I plan to use the least processed forms I can find and like before use it in moderation.)

This brings me nicely to my dinner last night.

Obviously not for the strict paleo’s out there but this was ‘well tasty’.

Stuffed Peppers and Dressed Marrow.

For the peppers I made up some mince (grass fed beef) and mixed in………

1tbs oregano

1-2tbs olive oil

Either spinach or greens chopped finely (a good handful)

Salt and pepper and garlic to taste.

Just cook this in a pan till almost done.

I left this to the side while I prepared the marrow.

A med-large marrow sliced in thick slices and de-seeded.

I put this aside and in a bowl added 12-15 cherry tomatoes chopped into quarters.

I added some died oregano and salt and pepper.

I finally chopped a chilli (de-seeded) and gave it a stir.

I took a sheet of grease proof paper and placed it on the oven tray. I then placed the marrow and filled them with the tomato mix.

I dizzles a little olive oil and place a dash of butter to the marrow.

I cooked this at 200 degrees for about 40 minutes.

To finish I crumbled some goats cheese on each slice of marrow and cooked for another 5-10 minutes.

To serve this you kind of need to scope out the marrow.

This was accompanied with my stuffed peppers.

Red peppers hallowed and lined with spinach.

Inside I filled with the mince and topped with spinach and using tooth picks secured the lids back on the peppers.

As the mince is almost cooked these take around 10-15 minutes to finish off.




Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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