The Good, the Bad and the Sleepless Nights

Every parent will tell you that with all the joy a baby brings it is not without it’s hiccups.

Let me elaborate…………

I would say I was quite blessed with Snoop. He is a very happy baby. His list of favorite things to do, along with feeding, pooping and sleeping would include smiling, laughing and generally being the life and soul of any baby group/party.

He is fast approaching 5 months, I can hardly believe how fast time has flown. He is tying to sit up now and gets frustrated when he can’t reach his toys. It  is amazing to watch how he learns new things.

Anyways as he develops through the day we seem to have started to hiccup at night.

I don’t mean literally!

Previously we were in a pattern of waking for one night feed and then sleeping till 6.30-7am. Everything was going smoothly till one fateful day at the doctors, where they administered his final injection (for now). It was the big one. 3 separate injections, which hurt me just as much as Snoop.

As we have had injections before now I was use to the drill. Calpol when we reach home and loads of cuddles on the sofa.

The day didn’t seems to go too badly. I love having cuddles with him. I settled him for bed as usual oblivious to what lay ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My contented little boy woke me at around 3am No problem I fed him and tied to settle him with no luck. Ok I thought its the injections so trying not to disturb Adrian we went on the sofa.

Thing was no matter how had I tied or what I did he wouldn’t go back to sleep.  Even milk didn’t settle him. Oh well I thought I can catch up on my sleep later when he naps…………….

……………..Uh oh no naps as baby decided he didn’t want to sleep.

Tuesday night and woken even earlier….2.30am and again my contented baby didn’t want to sleep and to top it started to fuss on the beast when I tried to feed him………..not a good sign!

By Wednesday afternoon, having failed to settle Snoop for his naps again I felt exhausted. He wasn’t sleeping and he wasn’t feeding well. I felt drained and emotional and decided it must be me!

Was my milk drying up (I know it doesn’t wok like that but I wasn’t thinking straight)

By Thursday tears were on the menu and not Snoops, they were mine. I must have had maybe 10 hours sleep since Sunday night. My head hurt my eye were stinging and yep I was an emotional ball of tears.

My mind wandered straight to thoughts of my Mum and how different it would be if I had her to help me. Oh dear I had just made it worse, so I cried a bit more. I think Snoop was wondering what was wrong as he kept looking up at me confused as to why Mummy was crying.

I had to snap out of it was called my Aunty Mary. She is awesome I love her to bits. Having breast fed both her babies I knew she could help.

I explained my situation……………………..Her advice was simple. “Sally you have given him 19 weeks of breast milk if you need to use some formula it is ok” I needed to hear that. As soon as she told me it was ok I felt so relieved.

She explained that being in a cycle of feeding lots during the night can have a knock on effect on milk supply. Tiredness and stress are other key factors.

Feeling 100 times better after that I looked into formula and referred to my Gina Ford book to see what she had to say………..low and behold her advice was very similar. She has included in her book Contented Little Baby a plan to increase milk supply. Along with lots of rest and sleep she advises times to express during the day, after day 4-5 milk should be increased and then cut out the extra expressing.

I have just finished following her plan and yes it does work!!!! Along with loads of sleep I have been able to catch up on by getting Adrian to do some of the night feeding with formula or expressed milk. I feel alive again, my boobs are fuller with milk and even better Snoop is sleeping at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the moral of this story is not to over-stress or over-think. I mean relax and allow others to help. You have to look after yourself if you want to have a happy little baby and this wont happen if you are over tired.

Thanks Aunty Mary and Gina.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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  1. Well done you – what a relief it must be to get everyone sleeping and contented again! It’s the simple things in life that make happiness 😉

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