Where have I been????????????

It’s been a while since I last posted…………………

I fell off the paleo wagon……………….

My excuse was a visit from my brother and sister in law from Italy.

I was never gonna be 100% paleo and these were my guilty few days. We ate bread and made pasta dishes with a few pancakes chucked in!

It was lovely to have them over but after they left I felt like a porker!! And after all that wheat a little bloated.

Monday saw me dashing to the shops with a list in hand and a plan of action (well a meal plan)

This is some of my paleo week in pictures………Also, doesn’t the little man look big now!

Egg muffins for breakfast.
Egg muffins for breakfast.

These are great in the mornings with a big chunk of melon.



I decided with my plan of action to make up a batch of stock with some chicken I could then use for a meal. You can freeze this and save what you don’t need for another week. I used the recipe from The Paleo Cookbook.

Cauliflour and Prawn Faux Fried Rice
Cauliflour and Prawn Faux Fried Rice

I loved this dish. Taken from Paleo Nom Nom blog. I added prawns and chili to the mix. It was proper lush!!!!!!!!

Awesome Guacamole
Awesome Guacamole

I need to explain this one first……….I absolutely hate avo’s and I wish I didn’t. They are so good for you and for a ‘paleo-er’ who doesn’t eat nuts its a great place to get some missing fats. I have tried just a simple chicken salad but the taste is still too strong. Boo hoo.

I decided to try out and find a good guacamole recipe. This kicked butt as the chili and tomato help make the avo palatable. I found this on a random website I can’t remember so here is the recipe.

2/3 ripe tomatoes with the pulp and seeds removed. Chop them so they also look minced.

Half a red onion again chop so finely it could look minced.

1 Avo mashed.

Half the juice of a lime.

Chili de-seeded and coriander to taste.

Mix all together with salt and pepper.

Cover and keep in fridge till serving.

Give it a go and tell me what you think.

Blueberry Muffins
Blueberry Muffins

These were my triumph of the week.

I live very near to Broadway Market and use the Organic Grocery found on the left hand side opp the Dove pub.

The guys in there are so helpful and after a conservation with them they ordered me some coconut flour.

These muffins are made like this……..


3 eggs.

3 melted tablespoons of coconut oil.

3 tablespoons of honey.

A drop of vanilla essence.

Mix this up into a smooth paste.

1/4 of a cup of coconut flour.

Pinch of salt and baking power.

Combine these 3 ingredients and sieve the flour TWICE. By sieving twice it seems to help the mixture combine a little better giving a smoother muffin mix.

My apologies for my lack of posts and interesting content. We have come to the point of weaning, which will in fact make an interesting post but is extremely time consuming in the early days. Please bare with me as I struggle with time and baby to relay my journey.

As a side note I will be back to teaching from April. Catch you in the gym sometime soon.

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