Pistols with my Baby.

I love Thursday, it means it’s nearly the weekend and I get a lie in! Whoop.

But likes not get ahead of myself I have some serious training to do and a bit of making up after a lazy Tuesday.

Straight in there with some banded deadlifts. 12 sets of 1 rep. I left the weight still on the light side.

Dynamic Effort Deadlifts with Bands

Box Squats.

3 sets of 10.

No bands were used for these box squats. Just a nice wide stance and turned out toes. The easy (if you can call it that) part is the sitting on the box.Standing up is a whole other game!

It’s been a day or two since the session and my legs have quietly got louder and louder with Doms.

A couple of sets of glute ham raisers for good measure and a final finisher with banded pistols, another first for me.

I remember during pregnancy how hard these were for me, it’s great to be able to do them again!

I wish I had used the bands more during pregnancy…oh well next time.

This photo best shows the set up of the band.
This photo best shows the set up of the band.



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Benches & Bars

Not my most inspired workout but hey I am going through a tired week………..

Bench Press with bands.

5 sets of 1 rep

I found this quite tough to stabilize when I first picked up the bar. This is a first for me with bands but the added tension does make you focus harder.

I have never done a muscle up but for today Chris must have chosen it for the comedy value.

Rather then ring muscle ups we did bar muscle ups.

This is how it should look!
This is how it should look!

Chris flew through the air gracefully while I on the other hand wobbled and bounced with all the grace of an elephant, using not just one band for support but two and Chris spotting me.

At least we had a few laughs

We kept it short today and finished with 3 sets of ring push ups 10 reps each.


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Glutes meet Hamstring….Hello

After a false start on Tuesday with a grumpy baby I was determined to work it this morning.

Baby asleep…check.  (although he decided to wake up after 30 minutes he was good as gold)

Ready to off load stress through training ….hell yeah.

After having a 5 minute moan to Chris about the dramas of sleepless nights we started to hit the glutes and hams by getting down to some box squats.

Using his knowledge from his recent Westside Barbell-power lifting course with Crossfit.com in New York (lucky bugger)

Chris had set up the box squats with a couple of bands to add resistance. Instead of a traditional squat position Chris wanted to hit glutes and hams hard so the stance was set wide with toes turned out.

As you descend into the squat you hit your butt on the box and sit for about 3 seconds (still tight and braced all over)

You then drive the hips with as much power as you can to the top of the squat.

Harder then it sounds!!

12 sets of 2

Box squats with bands
Box squats with bands

We concluded the session with a few accessory moves.

Stiff Leg deadlifts 3 sets of 10 reps

Kneeling squats 3 sets of 10 reps

Some chick off the internet!
Some chick off the internet!

Band Good Mornings 100 reps

As you can see all glute and ham developing moves so tomorrow I will be saying Hello Hammy’s, Hello Bottom.

Good session am starting to feel a bit more back to normal, especially in the tummy area!


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The trouble with Teething

Teething ….a yucky time for both parents and baby.

If I could wave a magic wand for Snoop and take all the discomfort away I would but instead he will have to make do with his Nuby!


I found this in Tesco on Bethnal Green Road and although it has from 10 months + I have found it works a treat even for a baby as young as Snoop (6.5 months).

The way it woks is to lock into the net any whole foods that you are trying to introduce to your baby without the fear of them choking.

This was my first reason for buying but as teething kicked in and I needed to find something to sooth his gums I tried all the usual teething rings but for some reason Snoop just didn’t take to them.

The one thing I can be sure of though is that Snoop loves his food so maybe I could use his fruit puree straight from the freezer and and into the Nuby.

Genius, He loved it and got very messy with it.

So now when he has sore gums we pass him the Nuby and watch him devour the baby ice with gusto.

Though messy it’s worth it as his smile is back on!!

For the puree all I did was blend up a handful of strawberries and a banana. I also added a drop of freshly squeezed orange juice and then froze into ice trays.

Any other Genius ways of solving teething? Let me know how you managed.


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When a plan doesn’t come together….!

Tuesday, whoop training with Chris.

Baby fed and sleeping…..uh oh while trying to take the car seat out to the gym the heavens decided to open.

Rain drops woke up a peacefully sleeping baby.

Oh dear this was going to be a challenge……..

A tired baby is always tough!

I sat him on his towel/mat with toys scattered around him, hopefully he would be happy to watch or even better fall back to sleep.

No such luck, I had a grumpy little boy on my hands.

Well least I had got out of the house and done a few sets of good mornings and some clean practise.

Better luck on Thursday!



Back to Training, Whoop Whoop

My first official day back training…..well not entirely true.

I had so many hopes many months ago of getting back into the swing of things but I am not making up excuses but training has really not fitted in with my daily routine.

I have stolen a few minutes here and there to do some half-hearted squats or a jog but nothing like I use to do.

With motherhood being such a full on job it has taken time to adjust to this new life of mine.

My main priority is now the well being of my son.

I measure my success these days not in how many kilo’s I have lifted but in how happy my baby boy is and how wide his smile spreads across his face.

I think this is a pretty good reason for lack of training motivation!!! Don’t you?

Though now that I am into my flow…………

Me and Snoop are starting to understand each other better………..

Solid foods are now taking over where breast milk had been the only thing on the menu…………

I am back to work!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!

Things are getting easier…der I say.

I feel ready now to start to focus a tiny bit of time on me.

Training is always way more fun if you have company so I enlisted the help of my pal Chris Howard.

After classes are all finished the gym is all ours from 9am onwards. Perfect.

If I drive to the gym, Snoop will fall asleep for sure!

A plan was stating to come together, and I think that’s the only way, plan plan plan. (I am a sucker for To Do Lists)

With a sleeping baby it was easy enough to crack on with some Deadlifts.

Not heavy though just working within my limits as I am still essentially recovering.

After 30 minutes Snoop was awake, No problem I had a stack of toys and a clean towel to sit him on. Sorted!!

I did 5 sets of 5 reps starting super light-ish (well for me) up to 55Kg

Fun with my Son
Fun with my Son

Boy they felt good.

To round up the strength Chris added a few complimentary movements.

Light overhead squats 3 sets 10 reps

Glute Ham Raisers (negatives) 3 sets 5 reps

Glute Ham Raisers   (obviously this isn't me and Chris)
Glute Ham Raisers (obviously this isn't me and Chris)

75 Air Squats


Thanks Chris. Same time Tues!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

Weaning Time has arrived!!!

Again I have been off the blogging planet for a while…………..my little baby boy is growing up and now is working on making my kitchen as messy as possible by flicking, smearing and playing with anything edible put in front of him.

I swear my walls are wearing more food then he swallows!!

Previously I was looking forward to this moment having deluded myself into thinking it would be easier.

How wrong was I……………

Weaning isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Firstly you have to decide which method you want to follow – baby led or spoon feeding puree.

Baby led weaning is where the baby sets the pace. They feed themselves and rather then having purees you give them ‘real food’.

The idea behind baby led is that the baby gets use to real textures and foods and are therefore less fussy as they grow up. It also allows them to discover their own gag reflex, and develop hand to mouth co-ordination. In babies there gag reflex if a lot shallower then an adults, therefore the food never (in theory) should be able to block or choke the baby as they cough it up before it gets that far.

This method can be very messy!!!!!

Spoon feeding is just what it says on the tin, you spoon feed you baby foods that have been blended beyond recognition. This does allow your baby to  take on more food earlier then baby led as the parents have more control over how much is eaten.

I decided to try a mixture of both.

I got along fine with the spoon feeding but was not enjoying the baby led bit.

My problem was that I was too nervous while watching Snoop sucking on bits of banana and rusks. On several occasions as I watched him cough and struggle with bits that had broken off in his mouth. It was instinct to try and help him remove the pieces when all a long I should have allowed him to work it out himself .

I decided to halt my baby led journey in a bid to calm my nerves, till my friend recommending letting Snoop feed himself something like a yogurt.

Big Boy
Big Boy

Although spoon fed sounds like and easy option it by no means is less time consuming!

I know there are plenty of jarred foods I could be buying I don’t fancy the idea of feeding Snoop from a jar when  thats the last thing I would do for me and Adrian.

There is only one thing for it and that is to make all the food from scratch.

This way you know exactly what is going into your baby. Sorted.

To make life easier the food is best made up in batches and frozen in ice cube trays as these make perfect portion sizes.

Mini Shephards Pies
Mini Shephards Pies with Swede not potato!

My freezer is now filled with ice trays filled with all sorts of pureed veg and sorts.

And of-course you need a bit of variety, hence Thursdays have become cooking days where I spend all day cooking up batches and freezing them.

It does feel quite satisfying to fill the trays up and look at the little portions all ready for him. Even more so when he munches down on the food you have lovingly prepared for him.

I am finding though that in the same way he had to learn how to feed from my breast, he also has to learn how to eat food as up to now he knows that he eats by sucking. This means he spends a lot of time wearing his lunch.

But as my Aunty says…as soon as it spills on to their chins you want to spoon it back in.

For recipes and guidance on what to prepare I have used Annabel Karmel’s cookbook.

Snoop will be a paleo baby 80% of the time but for now we are just working on the transition from milk to solids so I am not going to fuss over the odd deviation from the paleo wagon. He at least hasn’t had bread, wheat or rice so far.

The highchair you can see in the picture is awesome. Very sturdy and really easy to put together. You can adjust the settings literally with one hand and best of all the straps are vinyl for ease of cleaning.

Fisher Price @ Boots Best of all if you order form Boots you get a load of points for your advantage card!!

Also I am back at the gym working as from yesterday and will have an exciting event coming up in May.

Watch this space for more details………..


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach