Back to Training, Whoop Whoop

My first official day back training…..well not entirely true.

I had so many hopes many months ago of getting back into the swing of things but I am not making up excuses but training has really not fitted in with my daily routine.

I have stolen a few minutes here and there to do some half-hearted squats or a jog but nothing like I use to do.

With motherhood being such a full on job it has taken time to adjust to this new life of mine.

My main priority is now the well being of my son.

I measure my success these days not in how many kilo’s I have lifted but in how happy my baby boy is and how wide his smile spreads across his face.

I think this is a pretty good reason for lack of training motivation!!! Don’t you?

Though now that I am into my flow…………

Me and Snoop are starting to understand each other better………..

Solid foods are now taking over where breast milk had been the only thing on the menu…………

I am back to work!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!

Things are getting easier…der I say.

I feel ready now to start to focus a tiny bit of time on me.

Training is always way more fun if you have company so I enlisted the help of my pal Chris Howard.

After classes are all finished the gym is all ours from 9am onwards. Perfect.

If I drive to the gym, Snoop will fall asleep for sure!

A plan was stating to come together, and I think that’s the only way, plan plan plan. (I am a sucker for To Do Lists)

With a sleeping baby it was easy enough to crack on with some Deadlifts.

Not heavy though just working within my limits as I am still essentially recovering.

After 30 minutes Snoop was awake, No problem I had a stack of toys and a clean towel to sit him on. Sorted!!

I did 5 sets of 5 reps starting super light-ish (well for me) up to 55Kg

Fun with my Son
Fun with my Son

Boy they felt good.

To round up the strength Chris added a few complimentary movements.

Light overhead squats 3 sets 10 reps

Glute Ham Raisers (negatives) 3 sets 5 reps

Glute Ham Raisers   (obviously this isn't me and Chris)
Glute Ham Raisers (obviously this isn't me and Chris)

75 Air Squats


Thanks Chris. Same time Tues!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

2 thoughts on “Back to Training, Whoop Whoop”

  1. Hi Sally, a friend just sent me the link to yr blog & I love it! I’m 38 wks pregnant, had to wind down my crossfit a few wks back as I got sick 🙁 missing it heaps, but currently obsessed by the well being of my imminent arrival 🙂 I’m so looking forward to reading back thro yr blog. Wishing you the best of luck with yr training & motherhood 🙂

    1. Thanks Faye. It is always great to get nice feedback. I hope your last few wks of pregnancy go well. What are your plans for training after the birth? x

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