Glutes meet Hamstring….Hello

After a false start on Tuesday with a grumpy baby I was determined to work it this morning.

Baby asleep…check.  (although he decided to wake up after 30 minutes he was good as gold)

Ready to off load stress through training ….hell yeah.

After having a 5 minute moan to Chris about the dramas of sleepless nights we started to hit the glutes and hams by getting down to some box squats.

Using his knowledge from his recent Westside Barbell-power lifting course with in New York (lucky bugger)

Chris had set up the box squats with a couple of bands to add resistance. Instead of a traditional squat position Chris wanted to hit glutes and hams hard so the stance was set wide with toes turned out.

As you descend into the squat you hit your butt on the box and sit for about 3 seconds (still tight and braced all over)

You then drive the hips with as much power as you can to the top of the squat.

Harder then it sounds!!

12 sets of 2

Box squats with bands
Box squats with bands

We concluded the session with a few accessory moves.

Stiff Leg deadlifts 3 sets of 10 reps

Kneeling squats 3 sets of 10 reps

Some chick off the internet!
Some chick off the internet!

Band Good Mornings 100 reps

As you can see all glute and ham developing moves so tomorrow I will be saying Hello Hammy’s, Hello Bottom.

Good session am starting to feel a bit more back to normal, especially in the tummy area!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach. You can catch her  co-hosting the Wonderbar event on 19th May



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