Pistols with my Baby.

I love Thursday, it means it’s nearly the weekend and I get a lie in! Whoop.

But likes not get ahead of myself I have some serious training to do and a bit of making up after a lazy Tuesday.

Straight in there with some banded deadlifts. 12 sets of 1 rep. I left the weight still on the light side.

Dynamic Effort Deadlifts with Bands

Box Squats.

3 sets of 10.

No bands were used for these box squats. Just a nice wide stance and turned out toes. The easy (if you can call it that) part is the sitting on the box.Standing up is a whole other game!

It’s been a day or two since the session and my legs have quietly got louder and louder with Doms.

A couple of sets of glute ham raisers for good measure and a final finisher with banded pistols, another first for me.

I remember during pregnancy how hard these were for me, it’s great to be able to do them again!

I wish I had used the bands more during pregnancy…oh well next time.

This photo best shows the set up of the band.
This photo best shows the set up of the band.



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