The trouble with Teething

Teething ….a yucky time for both parents and baby.

If I could wave a magic wand for Snoop and take all the discomfort away I would but instead he will have to make do with his Nuby!


I found this in Tesco on Bethnal Green Road and although it has from 10 months + I have found it works a treat even for a baby as young as Snoop (6.5 months).

The way it woks is to lock into the net any whole foods that you are trying to introduce to your baby without the fear of them choking.

This was my first reason for buying but as teething kicked in and I needed to find something to sooth his gums I tried all the usual teething rings but for some reason Snoop just didn’t take to them.

The one thing I can be sure of though is that Snoop loves his food so maybe I could use his fruit puree straight from the freezer and and into the Nuby.

Genius, He loved it and got very messy with it.

So now when he has sore gums we pass him the Nuby and watch him devour the baby ice with gusto.

Though messy it’s worth it as his smile is back on!!

For the puree all I did was blend up a handful of strawberries and a banana. I also added a drop of freshly squeezed orange juice and then froze into ice trays.

Any other Genius ways of solving teething? Let me know how you managed.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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