Benches & Bars

Not my most inspired workout but hey I am going through a tired week………..

Bench Press with bands.

5 sets of 1 rep

I found this quite tough to stabilize when I first picked up the bar. This is a first for me with bands but the added tension does make you focus harder.

I have never done a muscle up but for today Chris must have chosen it for the comedy value.

Rather then ring muscle ups we did bar muscle ups.

This is how it should look!
This is how it should look!

Chris flew through the air gracefully while I on the other hand wobbled and bounced with all the grace of an elephant, using not just one band for support but two and Chris spotting me.

At least we had a few laughs

We kept it short today and finished with 3 sets of ring push ups 10 reps each.


Catch Sally at the Wonderbar Event @ Crossfit London

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