2 for 1 (Just call me lazy bones!!)

Lazy pah not me. I been super busy getting ready for my impending holiday in a few days that this week you have both my training sessions blogged into one. You lucky devils.

I seem to have the memory of a goldfish these days and seem to survive on a day to day basis by writing copious To Do Lists. I find it most satisfying to add boxes to tick as the task is complete.

I just wish I had made a note of  Tuesday’s training session ??????????????

From the picture I asked Chris to take I know we did weighted box jumps.

Ouch 3 sets of 8.

My abs are still hurting so I remember the toes 2 bar very clearly!!! (I did a scale I will find a photo for)

I am getting flash backs of good mornings and power cleans the rest is a bit of a blur.

I really need to get a new training diary for next week!!!

Toes 2 Bar
Toes 2 Bar

I couldn’t find a shot of the scale I did so I will try to explain. Above is the full movement and if you can imagine instead of hanging from the bar I was on the floor gripping the up right bars and from straight legs curled my legs to the bar, tapping the bar with my toes.

This doesn’t give you the same hang time on your shoulders but for the purpose of the session we wanted to hit abs so this fitted perfectly. I wouldn’t always use this though.

Other scales you may want to look up are hanging baskets and knees to elbows.

Ok so think that covers Tuesday now time for Thursday.

Last session with dynamic deadlifts and having started at 25Kg I am now loading the bar at 45Kg. Awesome progress in 4/5 weeks.

Again 12 sets of 1.

Another first (there have been a few of these lol) Zercher Squats.

I found this pretty uncomfortable as the bar rests in the crease of your elbow.

It does however allow for a bigger chest while keeping the load on the front.

Zercher Squat position
Zercher Squat position

3 sets of 10 was all we needed to get a good burn with these. I couldn’t see myself going to much heavier without swearing like a trooper at the pain in the elbows. I don’t mind muscle pain from hard work but this was not nice!!

Next up an exercise that sounds like a dance move from Saturday Night Fever!

Hips Thrusts.

We found these hilarious, especially as I had to do my own funky version because with the bar across the hips it was coming pretty close to my c-section scar which can still get painful when something rubs against it, even waist bands on trousers can make it pretty uncomfortable still.

Anyhow I am jus going to let the photos do the talking here.

Kirsty showing the barbell version
Kirsty showing the barbell version
Dumbell variation
Dumbell variation

Planting the foot through the heels meant that the glutes did more of the work. I find if my feet ae flat my hams take over and quickly cramp.

3 sets of 12.

The final finishing move was jumping barbell squats.

This is a move for a more advanced trainer and preferable with someone there to check form.

Using a barbell across the back you simply jump in and out of the squat landing mid foot to heel to maintain balance.

I used a 15kg bar which was more then enough for 3 sets of 15.

Jumping barbell
Jumping barbell

Phew that just about wraps up this week!!.

I think I can squeeze a few more sessions in before Australia. I am really looking forward to visiting a few of the Crossfit gym over there. These Ozzies are hardcore trainers, I can’t wait!!


We are all sold out of Wonderbar spaces so if your booked on then I will see you then. Our beloved Crossfit London gym has had a re-vamp so it looks dead good and looks tones bigger. Come on down and take a look.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.

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