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Training with Chris is showing me all these different strength techniques. I have never previously had a very strict strength routine but since I was in a bit of a mess strength wise after the C-section I am now reaping the benefits of not jumping straight into full on Crossfit. Not only am I happy that my tummy is on track again but as I said on an earlier post my everyday duties are becoming easier and easier.

Today (Thursday 3th May) was no exception.

On the board were Anderson Squats.

Chris explained that they have the same principal as a box squat but instead of the weight on your back it is in a front squat.

You need a rack for this as you need to use the pins.

The squat starts at the bottom of the squat. This allows the pins to take the weight of the barbell. As in a box squat keep tight but without the weight bearing on your shoulders.

As you drive out of the squat (with some speed) you then take the weight in a usual front squat stylee.

The aim is to produce power and speed as you relax the stretch reflex at the bottom of the squat.

I was unsure of how different it would feel starting the squat at the bottom but I was surprised it was quiet tough.

Imagine doing an air squat but as you stand your loaded with a bunch of weights trying to slow you down. As an experiment I did a few regular air squats easy, I reckon the 150 air squats I did on Tuesday wouldn’t feel so bad after this!!

Another Westside move we did was a good-morning box squat.

If you are not familiar with Westside, they are a pretty strong lot. They put a lot of glute/hamstring accessory movements into there work.  The Good-morning box squat is a classic ham/glute hammering.

This is a pretty good move to include if you find you’re not firing through the glutes and hams effectively but if you are a beginner to strength training I would suggest getting a hang on the basics first before introducing this one.

Just a short session today! Probably more gossiping went on then needed but hey least I didn’t just stay in my PJ’s all day.


12 days to go till Wonderbar!     3 Places left at the last check.

Sally dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


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