Not my best side………….lol

This may not be the most flattering photo but as Chris said it shows you’re working hard!

Sumo-deadlifts are one of my favorite moves. Training today I remembered the first time I did a sumo with my good friend Sham. I was lifting close to if not 90Kg for my first time which I was cuffed to bits over and only fueled the fire for more.

Today was a lot more conservative reaching 75Kg for 3 reps.

Still I am airing in the side of caution and recovery so at 75Kg I stayed.

As a side note I am starting to feel so much stronger not just in my tummy but all over.

I notice it the most when I am doing every day activities. Lifting the pram down the stairs or carrying shopping.

This is the whole point of Crossfit, isn’t it? To make you fit for what life throws at you.

At the beginning of my c-section recovery I was a bit defeatist . I moaned that I would never get back to where I was, but this week I think I can put a big fat middle finger up to my old self and give a few whoops as it wont be long now before I am back to full tilt! Watch Out Crossfit.

Anyways back to today………..

After the Sumo’s I pushed out 3 sets of overhead squats with 10 reps each set. (25Kg)

And finished with some kneeling squats and air squats.

150 to be precise.

I am gonna feel this tomorrow, me thinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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3 thoughts on “Not my best side………….lol”

  1. I think that feeling of defeatism will be so useful for you as a trainer! Not many people who are naturally sporty have to fight that uphill battle of getting in shape when it seems so impossible. You did it, and that will hold weight with clients! 🙂 xxx

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