Ooops No Photo’s.

Since becoming a Mummy taking a holiday has become a stressful occasion as the count down ticks on but the To Do List seems to be infinite.

Yesterday was the last minute shopping day in Westfield so although Chris and I did get our training shoes on it was quiet a rush and pretty short session. So rushed we didn’t make time for photo’s!!

It went like this…….

Banded box squats 10 sets of 2

(An old photo) Banded Box Squats
(An old photo) Banded Box Squats

Next up banded kettlebell swings.

This is to train your hip speed and power. You will also find that you will feel a lot more effort in the hams and glutes.

If your new to kettlebell swings make sure you have your form down before adding bands into the mix.

Obviously not me but it shows the swing.
Obviously not me but it shows the swing.

To finish I did a little muscle up practise.

As I can’t do a full muscle up or even a partial muscle up to drill the move I lower the rings to an appropriate height and run over the transition part of the muscle up.

Here is a pic but again not me.

Transition Drill
Transition Drill

This will be the last post for a few weeks but I will bring back some photo’s of my Crossfit down under journey.



Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


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