My Australian Crossfit Adventure

Wow what a trip! I have been back for 2 weeks now and have just got over the jet lag.

You may be thinking that is a long time to take getting over jet lag but let me assure you when you travel that far with a baby, you can’t begin to start tackling your jet lag issues until baby is back on track.

You have to laugh or you will end up crying with exhaustion as your little cherub wakes at all sort of odd hours looking for someone to play peekaboo with. Eventually you do get there!

My Top Tips for traveling long haul with a baby-

  1. Call the airline in advance to reserve a bassinet. This is a sort of cot/mosses basket they can sleep in. They are supplied for free and can hold a baby up to around 11kg’s. You can also reserve a cot seat which they could also sleep in but try the bassinet first. There are a limited supply available.
  2. If you weaning try the foods in a squeezy packet. It’s a lot easier to feed on the go with this style of packet.
  3. Take you baby sling with you. If your baby doesn’t want to sleep and you find yourself walking the aisles this comes in handy for two reasons. Firstly your bubba gets heavy after a while and secondly if there is turbulence a sling means you have your hands free to steady yourself.
  4. Make sure to pack everything but if you do forget something always ask the air hostesses you may be surprised with what they carry on board. I left our bottles on our return and thankfully Qantas had a supply on board!
  5. Be ready to feed baby either bottle or breast as you take off and land. A dummy also works as it’s the sucking motion that stops the ears hurting so much.


I was really lucky Sebastian was such a good little boy still I am not in a hurry to do it again!!!

Now for the Crossfit bit.

What can I say. It was awesome!!!

We stayed in 3 different locations in oz, which meant I got to 3 different gyms.

Southern Xfit, Perth.

Crossfit Resolve, Brisbane.

Reebok Crossfit, The Gold Coast.

The one thing that strikes you in Australia is the space around you. I don’t think I had any understanding of just how huge the continent is (that’s right is not just a country but a continent).

This means that the size of the gyms is epic next to anything London or England for that matter has to offer.

I don’t think that means they are any better then us but as a coach it’s a bit like being in a sweetie store. Your mind boggles at the possibilities you could achieve with only a bit more space!

Being a visitor was a strange experience. It almost felt like snooping around someone else’s house. I am so use to the Crossfit London way of things that it was good to see how other gyms structure their programming and deliver their classes. Plus they were all so welcoming!!

I have decided to post my aussie wod’s one by one so as to keep you on the edge of your seats.

As well as visiting the guys at Southern Xfit, if you do get to Perth make sure you make a trip to Freemantle to a place called Little Creatures for a nice cold beer and some grub. …………Well it can’t all be about training and paleo can it lol.

So what did we do…………………………..

Southern Xfit– (Click to see how this went down at Crossfit London on Monday 25th June’s class)

Southern Xfit, Perth
Southern Xfit, Perth

This was probably only the third full on WOD I have done since my recovery began. I found the running the most challenging as on top of not being a great runner it was pretty hot, which I wasn’t ready for.

I completed this workout in 13 minutes. I used a thin red band for the ring dips and a box progression for the HSPU’s.

400m run

30 push ups

400m run

20 Ring dips

400m run

10 Handstand push ups (HSPU)

400m run

Tune in next week for the Brisbane workout.

(As I am programming my Aussie workout’s for my next 2 Monday classes I don’t want to give too much away to any Crossfit London members reading this.)


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach 



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  1. excellent WOD yesterday! after recovering from jetlag myself (probably less than yours) it was a good first WOD for me.

    great to be back in your classes. looking forward to the next 2 mondays 🙂

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