Pb’s and Excuses

Firstly I need to get off my chest my awesome Pb from Tuesday’s training sess with Chris.

Rocking up am on Tuesday for the first session back from holiday is always a bit more of a slog then the rest, but once you get started the ball is rolling so to speak and the motivation levels soar again.

Before I left for Oz the focus was recovery and building strength. I feel that I am 90% of the way to recovery and now can focus more of my attention to the big weights again so I was delighted when Chris told me the plan was 1RM Overhead squat.

Anyone who knows me will remember that Overhead squatting is one of my favorite moves.

Pre-baby my PB stood at 50Kg give or take a kilo to two.

I wanted to reach that…at least.

……………………….An overhead squat requires a good deal of flexibility in the shoulders, it is not just about sheer strength, which is probably why I enjoy the move so much.

I am lucky with my shoulders that I can have rather narrow grip on the bar, for most a grip almost if not the entire width of the bar is necessary.

Everything else with the squat is the same.

  • Your stance
  • Lumbar engagement
  • Big chest
  • Hips back and down

Only difference is that with the weight overhead it will show up any imbalances and areas to work on with such a glaring spot light that it is often a move which is pushed to the back of the queue.

A back squat and front squat can mask some of these issues and allow you to “get away with it “.

Far better to deal with the issues and get good at all the squats!


…………..Glad to be back to overheads and after a warm up set I was at 40Kg and 3 reps. Easy!

I whacked on another 10Kg to 50Kg and got myself in position.

A challenge but a convincing squat so I whacked another 5Kg on.

Looking at Chris I asked him to help me with the bar to the overhead position as a bit of panic set in at the thought of my arms crumbling under the extra 5kg.

With one look from Chris I knew I wasn’t going to get any help so pulling myself together I got under the bar.

Steadying myself, and with a few words of encouragement from Chris I was at the bottom of the squat driving out.

Whoop Whoop a new Pb! I couldn’t have been more proud.

Thanks Chris

So where are the excuses I hear you ask????

Well Thursday’s session ended up being 100 Kettlebell swings in the park as there was an olympic lifting course being held in the gym, which meant no space for us.

Never-mind as the weather was being unusually summery we decided to smash out the swings and dash to a cafe for a tea and a catch up.

Conversation between me and Chris is usually quite light but as we sat there with the sun beating down on us I began to speak about my boredom.

That might sound bad let me re-phrase that…………my need for something other then the role of Mummy and Wife!

I have of course got my Monday nights back on but that is only 3 hours! I need something more!!!!

Only trouble was as Chris tried to come up with a plan of action the flood of excuses that fell from my mouth was relentless.

I could hear myself and hating it as I said it but I couldn’t stop myself.

To me in the last 9 months being Mum and Wife has been an all consuming job. I physically couldn’t bring myself to do any of Chris’s suggestions to work on new clients and not let another part of my life suffer, i.e baby or hubby.

……………until and I don’t know why I didn’t think of this myself.

Chris said why don’t you do a pregnancy workshop?

This unlike some of the usual paths you take to building new clients was something I could work on a little bit at a time and develop with the help of some of my new mum friends I have made over the last 9 months.

So this is my new project.

I don’t know how it will look or what the end product will sound like but it’s a start.

What I would like though from you is anyone who has had or having a baby to ask themselves if there was some information out there advising and helping you understand exactly how exercise will makes pregnant life an dpost pregnant life 100 times easier. What exercises will help labour and so on. Tell me what you think and what you would like to know about.

You can send me and email or comment below. -sally@crossfitlondonuk.com


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach, Bethnal Green



3 thoughts on “Pb’s and Excuses”

  1. I have a 3month old baby and am only just feeling like I’m getting back into shape now but am still missing the stamina (and speed for that matter) that I had before. I have kept myself well though because I walked constantly during pregnancy, I was told that and swimming were good to do and so I did as much of them as possible, past that little piece of advice though I wouldn’t have known what other exercise I could have or should have done, as a keen sportswoman I would have liked more information so I think this is a great idea to help those who are having babies to not neglect their bodies as it is so easily done with how hard the body is working already.

  2. There is definitely a big niche for you there! I really struggled to find anyone who specialised in exercise, especially challenging exercises both before and after pregnancy. During pregnancy I did pilates because the teacher I had was really confident at moderating certain exercises for me alongside her normal class. Plus I had an excellent one on one session with a fabulous PT called Sally at CF! After birth I did the ab physio classes at the Royal London – did you do them? They were quite good. And Pushy mums in Victoria Park, but that wasn’t too challenging! I found the most frustrating thing was that there wasn’t a list of comprehensive exercises you could do to re-tone your stomach muscles and firm up that horrible loose skin! Doctors recommended not doing any abdominal exercises because of the muscles having to come together again first (rectus abdominus is it?!), but that was incredibly frustrating and I’m not sure that it was beneficial to not do anything for 6 months in that area. The only thing I could find that directly addressed it was a postnatal dvd by Tracy Anderson – it had some good exercises but I’m not sure whether you would approve of her advice!

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