19th July -Strength and a Met Con

Just before I let you in on my met-con joy for today I just wanted to point out to you all that I have added a search box and Facebook Like. Thanks Steven for helping me out.

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I totally wasn’t ready for today. I was still sleepy and rushing now to be late, which always makes me flustered.

Rocking up with Snoop in tow, I could we Chris in his shorts. That could only mean one thing, a met con was on the board.

It’s not that I don’t like them, I fact I love that side to Cossfit. It’s just that since being back to training and spending time focused on repair and recovery I feel just like I did when I first started Crossfit. A bag of nerves till I start to lift the bar. Don’t ask me where the nerves come from, it’s probably performance anxiety.

Training is now going to have a slightly difference focus anyway.

Now I am as close to back to normal as I could have hoped for at this stage I am going to be favoring a few more met cons into my training.

With met cons for the time being I just want to be able to finish them with good form and technique rather then competing against the entire gym/class as is the usual way to tackle them.

Before the year is out I want to be doing multiple pull ups and ring dips with no band support and this is only going to happen if I chip away at it.

Right so I have babbled and make my pull up promise so what did I do today…………………..

Snatch Balance as a warm up!!! Awesome my favourite move.

I can quite proudly say I did more weight then Chris!!!

Ok so Chris is an animal where strength is concerned but when it comes down to a Snatch balance it’s all about how you change speed and direction to get under the bar. Unsure what the Snatch balance is??

We did 3 sets of 3 reps reaching 40Kg.

Coach Bergnener had it right in the video clip above when he said it gives confidence. Knowing I can get 40Kg in a Snatch balance will set me up from a full snatch.

Something Chris is a little better at was the next move a Sumo-deadlift.

4 sets of 8 reps. I used 50Kg on the bar.

(Remember weights that I use are not a prescription for everyone)

Finally we had to make a start on the met con.

1000m Row

3 rounds of- 10 Clean and jerks & 10 Chest to bar pull ups

800m Row

The rowing is like a sandwich around the 3 rounds.

And yes you read right the pull ups have to be chest to the bar not just the chin!!!!

I stuck 35Kg on the bar and worked on technique rather then killing myself.

I did this in 29 minutes 50 seconds.

It’s a start, from here on it can only get better!!

That was more then enough for today so homeward bound.

I am still working on my pregnancy workshop. I have had tones of great feed back and have just sat down with my doctor to pick his brain.

I will keep you posted as I go.


Sally Dixey is a Personal Trainer with Crossfit London in Bethnal Green




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