22nd July -What a great way to start a Sunday!

Me and Kate (my homegirl from Crossfit London and host of Wonderbar) have made a vow to work our way through the 2012 Games Open Wod’s.

For Kate this is her second stab at them and naturally wants to beat her scores.

Me, I am trying them out for the first time so here hoping I can get through them.

8.30am is a crazy time to be up and training on a Sunday but when the sun shines like it did, jumping out of bed is less of a challenge.

The plan was to get through 2 of the 6 WOD’s.

First up……..

30 Snatches @ 20Kg

Followed by

30 Snatches @ 35Kg

Followed by 30 Snatches @ 45Kg

Oh and you only have 10 minutes to do it in.

The first 30 were some what easy. We both smashed them in around 2 minutes.

35Kg felt a little more hard work……. nay a lot harder if I am honest.

When I tackle reps like this I always break it into bite size targets.

By tackling them in sets of 5 I was able to complete all 30 reps but with only 30 seconds left I had no time to add more weight and start on the 45Kg.

Kate did equally as well. beating her previous score. Nice one Kate.


To round up the morning Kate wanted to try the Burpee Wod!

7 Minutes to do as many burpees as possible with a reach bar 6 inches above your highest reach while standing on the floor.

You must tap the bar with both hands on each rep for them to count.

Again Kate broke her record while I racked up 71, which I was happy with.

Considering where I was just after my pregnancy I am quite proud of my progress.

Watch out next year I might even do the Game Opens and register!


Sally Dixey is a personal trainer @ Crossfit London in Bethnal Green


One thought on “22nd July -What a great way to start a Sunday!”

  1. Thanks for suffering these with me Sally – your scores were fantastic! I got 38 snatches and 58 burpees, which just proves I have to up my snachery and burpeeness!
    Roll on next week for toes-to-bar terror! x

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