24th July Getting to grips with The Juggernaut

At my Crossfit home in Bethnal Green we are testing out a new central programming system.

This means for our members that there is a strength component in every session, which will hopefully take them to Mr Muscle glory.

-it wont actually turn you into Mr Muscle but with some work make you stronger

Juggernaut was developed by an athlete called Chad Wesley Smith in 2009. He has taken the work of Doug Young and   Jim Wendler married them together and the called it Juggernaut.

Chad believes in making small progressions based on your rep record. Working out increases in weight based on the last set performed, which should be a maxed out set but leaving 2-3 reps in the tank.

When performing the maxed out set, technique and form must be as good as the first rep with no spotting required.

Don’t get Crossfit London wrong though we haven’t forgotten our roots, so with each session while fitting in the strength component there is also time for a 10-15 minute WOD.

Today my training session with Chris is influenced by Juggernaut as we have decided alongside our clients to take up the Jugger Method and see how we find it.

Back Squat @60% of working max (37.5Kg)

5 sets of 10

The final set is a maxed out set. With good form I reached 15 reps.

When working out your weights it is better to be conservative then over estimate as this gives you further to go.

Bench Press @60% of working max (16Kg) -OK so that doesn’t seem like much but I am only a girl!!

5 sets of 10

Again maxing on the last set I reached 17 reps.

The next time I come to perform these moves I will increase the weight according to the additional reps. It is around 2Kg added per rep.

Keeping good records is important to follow your progress but also to calculate your weights.

Phew working through all this took what felt like forever to work out but now we have made a start it should be pretty clear for Thursdays session.

On such a hot day me and Chris bolted from the gym door as soon as the last weihgt was lifted to soak up the rays before they disappeared. No time for a met con today!!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Personal Trainer in Bethnal Green.


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