Look what my Mummy can do!

I have mixed emotions about what I am about to share.

On one side I am really proud to have clawed it back but on the other side I wish it hadn’t taken so long!!

Before I fell pregnant I had got my first few pull ups ever without a band. It had taken me over a year to get there working my way through the different band supports but eventually I got there.

When I came back after my rest during my first trimester, bang my pull up was gone and as my weight increased and the bump got bigger I gave up trying to win it back and just focused on having a healthy pregnancy.

That was all fair and well but as I watched my fellow Crossfitting females swinging from the bars I was determined to get it back as soon as I could.

With my return to training scarpered by the c-section I had a long 6 month wait till I was ready to lift some weights again.

And I am pretty glad I did allow myself to recover properly, though I am back in the swing of things I still don’t have the same feeling or sensation in the area and that’s a good 9 months after the fact. If the surface is still back to normal then going deeper is probably still mending too.

Any how back to my pull ups……..

My path to pull up heaven begun at home. As soon as I started training with Chris my pull up bar went back up!

Every opportunity I had I would jump on the bar and pull up as best I could. I did jumping pull ups negative pull ups and banded pull ups.

Every time I was in gym I would have a go at some pull ups till eventually while in Brisbane, Australia I gave it a go with no band and with a bit of a struggle I go there.

Whoop Whoop.

Back in the UK I proudly showed Chris my 1 pull up. Great he said now lets get a few more!!

So I will continue with my pull up plan and keep on at it till I am swinging like the best.


Sally Dixey is a Personal Trainer with Crossfit London in Bethnal Green

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