The Brisbane Leg and Jet Lag!

In the run up to my Aussie adventure I had got use to the eye brow raised expressions from people, as I told them my ambitious plans.

A few people said I was crazy but I was sure things would be fine…………………..

…..and all in all they were but…………

And there is always a but.

I am not so sure I would be so adventurous if and when I have another baby.

The travelling was fine, Sebastian was as I have said in a previous post, an angel. What was hard for him was the change in time zones.

Perth is a good 7-8 hours ahead of UK time, which doesn’t sound that bad but after 30 odd hours of travelling, stuck on planes, it is hard to figure out what time of the day it is. Your body is so and despite being knackered at 2am when we finally arrived at the hotel we couldn’t sleep.

I have done long haul before but nothing quite like this and with a baby to boot.

Normally you would get over jet lag in a day or two no problem, sleeping when you want and so on but with a baby on board who doesn’t understand the concept of jet lag you can’t even begin to get over it till they have!!!

If I thought I was tired when Seb was a new born this took it to new heights!!!

Every night like clockwork Sebastian rose at 2am full of beans with a massive grin on his face ready to play!!

This continued for 5 or was it 6 days I can’t remember now I was so jaded at the time.

By the end of the first week we were all on Aussie time only to face another plane ride to Brisbane.

For those that are not aware of the hugeness of Australia, Brisbane is 3 hours ahead of Perth and 5 hours away by plane!

As I boarded the plane I preyed the 3 hours wouldn’t have too much of an impact.

In fact it wasn’t that bad, it just made my usually happy little chappie a bit grumpy for a day or two.

It was the return journey to London that filled me with dread!!

At least this time I wasn’t going into it blind I knew what to expect from Sebastian, though for some reason it was different this time. it didn’t really hit him till maybe 2 days later when all of a sudden my little man stopped eating solids, became really clingy and slept lots.

Worried I took him to the doctors. After a quick check up the doctor said Sebastian was really run down from all the travelling we had been doing, so much so that he had a touch of baby thrush in his mouth, something which is common in babies who are feeling under the weather or run down.

My poor little man.

So the moral of this story is……………….unless you really need to make a journey like this then it’s probably best to wait a while!!

Ok now on to Brisbane……………..

Brisbane is a great city, quite a lot like London, with some landmarks you might as well think they stole from us.

The mix of old and new buildings reminded me so much of London, they even have a Southbank, which is just like our Southbank!!

And the busyness!!! Brisbane is a lot bigger then Perth and like London is full of people dashing about, I even spotted over crowed buses.

For my Crossfit experience in Brisbane, Richard one of the Crossfit London members gave me the details of Resolve. The gym he started off in.

The gym was in a really cool area of the city called Fortitude Valley (I love the name of the place) and again the space was huge.

The class was due to start at 9.30am so I took a quick look at the workout written on the board.

A variation of Cindy.

20 minutes AMRAP

5 Pull ups

5 Ring dips

15 Squats


AMRAP for 20 minutes is always a bit like oh no 20 minutes but once you are in your flow the time starts to fly. It’s probably those last 2 minutes that feel like the longest.

I feel like I held my own though and managed a solid 12 rounds. Yeah I used bands but I used red ones, which for those who don’t know is a pretty light support.

My first few rounds, I am proud to say I included 2 strict pull ups each, which marks my return to a former glory. Whoop Whoop!!

I really enjoyed Brisbane it’s an awesome city, a home away from home.

Thanks to the Resolve team for making me so welcome, they are well worth the visit if your in the Valley.

To see how the boys and girls got on with this at Crossfit London this Monday just click.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Persoanl Trainer in Bethnal Green.


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