Back after the Loooonnnnngggg Weekend!

Yikes Summer is nearly over. Where does the time go to???

I have just spent an amazing weekend with my fantastic friends. I need to say a big thank you to my sister for looking after Snoop for the entire bank holiday weekend.

I love being mum to Snoop but having a whole weekend to myself with my husband was awesome. We had tickets for SW4 in Clapham where we danced our socks off.

Come Sunday morning though we both looked at each other and said the same thing -“we missed our baby” Ah bless, we picked him up on Monday morning to loads of cuddles and smiles from him.

This also meant that my posting is a bit behind………

Check out this photo of me hanging around.


Hanging Around
Hanging Around

So after the long weekend my first session back was yesterday.

I got my first ropey ring dip today which I am most cuffed about. Now I have pull ups it’s the turn of ring dips. Slowly but surely I am going to work through my hit list if it kills me!!!!!1

As well as trying out the dips unaided I am also now includeing them in my strength routine. In between sets of bench press or back squat I am adding sets of either ring dips or pull ups.

I am doing the same lay out as with my pull ups. 5 sets with 3-7 reps each set.

With my ring dips I am using a thin red band for support. I am able to get 3-4 reps each set.

With my Pull ups I am averaging 4-5 reps per set with no band support! Whoop Whoop!


Strength is still working through Juggernaut. I still have 6 weeks left in the cycle.

Training posts could get a bit same same but I am going to persist. I will just need to break it up with some good met cons.

Back Squat and Bench Press

50% x 5 reps

60% x 3 reps

70% x 2 reps

75% x 1 rep

80% x AMAP (as many as possible)

Slowly over the weeks I have added more accessory moves and today was the turn of the L sit hold.

This move will compliment working toward my toes to bar. It is when you either hang from a bar and extend the legs out and hold. This uses your hip flexor and importantly your abdominals.

Instead of hangin though I used 2 boxes either side of me to support my hands and body and held my legs out here. I tend to get terrible cramp in my quads so find I am more of a hanging basket after a few tries then an L sit.

Give it a go and see how you find it. (If I was still pregnant I would not be doing this move past the 4-5 month due to the size of the bump)


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit LondonPersonal Trainer in Bethnal Green.

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