Eat your heart out Annabel Karmel

I have made no secret of the fact I have used Annabel Karmel’s baby cookbook to prepare Snoops baby meals.

I have since taken a few dishes that I love and made them Snoop friendly

Here are his favourite………..

Sweet Potato and Tuna Mash

This is really easy and quick.

Just boil a potato and open a tin of tuna. I mix a tablespoon of tuna in with the potato and add a teaspoon of creme fresh. Finally I finely chop some chives or dill depending what I have in the fridge and mix, then serve.

I haven’t tried freezing this and don’t think I would. It’s a great dish you can eat along side your baby, so why freeze the excess?

Babies are great copiers so if you find they are refusing food after being a good eater try joining them at meal times.

Baby Keralan Curry

Ok so a real Karalen curry has chilli powder and green chilli’s in, that would be a bit too much just yet so I just didn’t add them.


Curry leaves, ginger, mustard seeds, onions, chicken, coconut milk, chopped tomatoes.

First add the curry leaves and mustard leaves to a pan. When the seeds pop add the onions, garlic and ginger.

After 2-3 minutes I add the chicken and let that brown and part cook before adding the chopped tomatoes and a few tablespoons of coconut milk (if your baby likes a lot of sauce then add a few more tbs)

I finish cooking this for another 12-15 minutes till the chicken is cooked through and then blitz till the chunks are baby sized.

This can be frozen. I mashed this with some white potato but would use cous cous or rice.

If you want to make this a bit more grown up add a green chili with the ginger, onion and garlic. After the chicken has cooked for 6-8 minutes mix up a paste of turmeric and chilli powder (1tsp turmeric 1tbp chilli). You add this to the pan before the tomatoes and coconut milk. You prob want to use half a can or more)

Paleo Pancakes

This recipe I took from a friend Tom Henry at Crossfit London. I follow paleo 80-20 but with Snoop I think its important he tries different things so he has had bread ect. I do try to limit it though and try to give him the best quality foods I can find.

He woofed these down in minutes, Thanks Tom.

Take a large banana and mash.

Add a teaspoon of almond butter and mix.

Beat an egg in a cup and add to the batter.

Then I use a drop of coconut oil in a non-stick pan and lightly fry. Simple

Lovely Paleo Pancakes
Lovely Paleo Pancakes

I have tried these myself, I can vouch for Snoop they are delicious.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London coach in Bethnal Green



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