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Sometimes I surprise myself!

I was looking for some inspiration for my lunch today and went to my Nom Nom Paleo app.

I liked the look of the eggs in ham. I had to choose a good ham though and there was my problem!

Tesco doesn’t really cater for Paleo were cooked meats are concerned. Most of the packs contain at the very least gluten and far worse lots of food nasties.

How did I over come this??….I went all posh and bought some nice parma ham, which although is a little more expensive is exactly what it says it is.

If you don’t have the app here’s how to rustle them up.





Parma ham


Tabasco sauce

Salad leaves (I like to add a bit of rocket and watercress for flavour)


Using muffin cases, fold the parma ham and line the muffin case with it.

Add the egg to the case and Add some salt and pepper.

On a low heat cook till whites set and yolk still runny.

Juice the lime and add Tabasco to taste.

Plate up the salad and when eggs ready lay on top and spoon on the lime dressing.



My second surprise of the day was with Snoop ‘s lunch.

I usually cook him fish using Annabel Karmel’s orange fish recipe.

Here is my alternative, which Snoop gobbled up.


Cod filets




Fish stock cube (use baby stock if the baby is still under 9 months)



Lay the filets on a sheet of foil.

Dot butter and mustard on the fish (don’t over do the mustard – stick with dijon)

Using a quarter of the stock cube make up a little in a cup and pour over the fish.

Sprinkle on the parsley and grate on some cheese.

Take up the 4 corners of the foil and make a parcel.

Bake for about 12-15 minutes


I serve this with sweet potatoes or lentils.

When they gobble all your cooking up it’s the best.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London personal trainer in Bethnal Green.





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