Thursday 2nd August -Double Unders Galore

Today saw a super organised Sally stepping into the gym. I almost didn’t recognise her (lol)

I had all my weights calculated unlike usual where I come in and have to spend an age working it all out.

It made a huge difference. Well worth preparing for 10 minutes at home.

Continuing with Juggernaut it was overhead press day and deadlifts.

Percentages were the same for both.

1 set of 5 @ 55%

1 set of 5 @ 62%

3 sets of 10 @67.5%

A quick reminder that the percentages are worked out from 90% of a 1 rm. If you don’t know your 1rm but have say a 3 or 5 rm you can use this calculation to work it out.

(weight x reps x 0.33) + weight = projected max

Now time for a met con.

This is the metabolic conditioning part of Crossfit. For all you weight loss junkies out there by working at high intensities/circuit crossfit stylee, you are able to raise metabloic rate and have a greater EPOC (excessive post-workout oxygen consumption) All this means is that way after training you will still be burning  calories at a higher rate then using the cross-trainer for an hour.

3 rounds of

15 Power Snatches

30 Double unders (this is where for every skip you rotate the rope twice)

90 second rest

I used 25 Kg on the bar and did this in 11 minutes 21 seconds.

All I need to do now is work on getting a more effective double under as I find them hard work when exhusted.

Check out how cute the two babies are…….

Snoop and Basil getting to know each other.
Snoop and Basil getting to know each other.



Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Personal trainer in Bethnal Green



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