19th September -Lumber Jacks 20 – No try 60!

Anyone who has done Lumber Jack 20 before will have vivid memories and traumatic scar’s. All in the name of  remembering lost soldiers.

Lumber Jack 20 is a hero workout in which Crossfit uses the workouts to honour those lost in combat. There was an awesome comment on the main Crossfit site that said “You’re here, they are not so go hard”

I love the sentiment of that comment and that is absolutely what we did!

Props to Kirsty and Adrienne who accompanied me.

This is how it went………….

Firstly Overhead Squat 1 Rm.

Kirsty 42.5Kg

Adrienne 50Kg

Me (Sally) 60Kg

Now to explain LJ.

Tom and his crew on sat did this as a team so not wanting to be left out so did we.

Multiply  the reps by the amount of people. For each move those reps needed to be accumulated by the team. This meant that stronger members would end up doing more and weaker members less. In between each move is a 400m dash! Nice.

(I am just going to list the female weights for this workout)

Deadlift 85kg


Kettlebell Swing 24Kg


Overhead Squat 38.5Kg




Pull ups


Box Jumps 24 inches


Dumbell Squat Cleans 15Kg each arm

So for each move your looking at 60 reps.

The Deadlifts were the move to slow us down and personally I don’t like running but hey you can’t love it all.

Another Stonker of a workout for the team trails. Nice one Crew.


Sally Dixey is a Personal Trainer with Crossfit London in Bethnal Green


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