4th September Trainer Down!!

Training cut short today because of injury.

So happy was I working on my ring dips that I pushed myself one too far and felt an awkward pain shoot through my right deltoid, that’s the shoulder muscle.

I had been fitting my sets of rings in between my bench press. I tried to shake it off hoping it was nothing but even benching it felt uncomfortable.

Best thing to do in this situation is to leave it to rest.

This meant leaving out pull up and dip work, abandon the bench and stick to my back squat.

Between sets I can’t stand just standing around, which is why I work my dips or pull ups in between. It makes much better use of your time!

So a little double under practise filled the gap.

At the end of my session I needed to think of a picture for this post…………….

So Chris and I thought we would dramatise  my injury in picture format.

We had loads of fun with this one.

It took me ages to stop laughing!
It took me ages to stop laughing!

No equipment was harmed in the making of these photos. LOL.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Personal Trainer in Bethnal Green.

There are currently a few spaces left on the next Wonderbar event for all you strength junkies out there.


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