Personal Training Status

To date my Personal training schedule has been closed while I adjust to Mummy-hood.

I now want to put myself out there again as a personal trainer (not just a pre and post natal trainer) ready for my clients and to reflect my new status as Mummy and consequently because I need to have Snoop in the gym while I coach. I am revising what I charge hourly.

Previously I charged £60 for the hour but am going to reduce the charge to £50 as a gesture toward having my baby in the gym while sessions are delivered.

How does that work???

Well Snoop is quite happy to watch us and play with his toys, he sometimes will pipe up with a few encouraging words from time to time.

Obviously I don’t want to spend all day teaching back to back ignoring my child in the corner but carefully scheduled appointments means I can keep a balance of work and play.


Sally Dixey is a Personal Trainer with Crossfit London in Bethnal Green


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