Making Time for Mummy

While I was pregnant I had very romantic ideas of motherhood. Imagine me skipping through London Fields holding my baby’s hand. A writhe of flowers in my hair, wearing a long flowing white dress.

Boy was I wrong.

The day I have time to skip through the park like Little House on the Prairie is the day pigs fly!

The reality is that as a mother your day is one big juggling act.

Starting early and not finishing till late, often waking in the night to attend to your darling(s).

I don’t think I am wrong in stating that 90% of what we do during the day is for others.

Is it no wonder that you struggle to make time to exercise?!

Exercise and fitness has got to be in the top 5 of things you wish you had time for but don’t. We all want to get back to our pre-pregnancy weight, Right?

I do understand, I get that same feeling of guilt when I try to do something for myself.

A little voice is tutting, reminding me of all the wonderful chores I could be doing…

mountains of washing, cooking, cleaning, sterilising, nurturing, trips to the park, trips to baby groups, nappy changes, feeding, burping, birthday parties to take them to, doctors appointments, cuddling, comforting, encouraging, the list is infinitely endless!

What happens when you finally come up for air and want to do something for yourself? -the excuses. And this list is equally endless!

Harsh I know but how many times have you said “I will have some me time when…

– they start to walk, are out of nappies, at nursery, when they are at school, after I give them dinner, when they go to bed!”

Even harsher is the reality that now you are a mother you will never have time, there will always be something or someone to look after.

Is there a solution?

Simply you have to get better at saying No and making the same effort for yourself just like you do for others.

Ask yourself would I make a better mother/wife/partner if I had 30 minutes to spend on me?

What a fantastic role model you make when your child watches you being active/reading for pleasure!

Could you say no/put off something till later?

Do you really need to hoover/tidy/iron everyday?

Can you ask for help?

An example of how I fit exercise in without living in a gym is probably using the most understated and cheap piece of kit.

Wait for it….. A skipping rope.

Everyday I take Snoop out into the park he is either sleeping or taking the world in, either way while he is tucked up in his pram I will pick points to stop and bust out a few minutes of skips.

This has dual purpose of entertaining Snoop and also setting a great example. Everyone is a winner.

And because I take him out to the park anyway it’s not going to get in the way of my busy life.

Ladies I hope this has inspired you to look at what you can change in your everyday life, to give back a bit of time and remember who you were before a Mum.

Tell me your stories, how did you reclaim your 30 minutes and how did you use it.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Personal Trainer in Bethnal Green



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