Deload Week for my Life

As a fitness professional and enthusiast I am very use to adding a deload week to my training schedule. This post shows my path to enlightenment! and Deloading my life.

I have been pretty quiet these last few days as Sebastian started to get a little cough late Thursday night.

Typically Seb was fine all day until bedtime, which meant a last minute class cancellation. Feeling sorry for my poor little bubba I decided to spend the day chill-axing and playing. We stepped out for a quick trip to the shops and that was it.

I didn’t check my emails, I didn’t once glance at Facebook. I didn’t pour over any class programming and as for my weekly article, not even a thought entered my head.

Putting Seb down for a lunch time nap I thought about cleaning the bathroom, moping the floors but as I lay him down to sleep, a huge wave of tiredness washed over me and before I knew it I was sliding into bed and within a matter a seconds I was in the land of nod just like Seb. We both slept for two hours solid.

Almost as if my toes had been set on fire I leapt out of bed in a panic, realising there was no fire, I gently woke up Seb. I decided I quite enjoyed this ‘no work and all play’ day. So it continued.

For the first time in ages I was ignoring the housework and pushed work to one side. It was glorious all the extra time I had. I could feel myself slowing down to an easy pace and that flustered red glow in my cheeks paled in comparison.

Being a busy working Mum, rushing to and fro it is easy to get blind sided to the cost of all this rushing and business. I am so used to adding a deload week to my training, what I really needed was to deload my life for a few days too.

One day of domestic abandonment wasn’t quite enough so for the next few days I looked at life like training. I did what was essential around the house, simple chores and of-course the odd load of washing.

Having children means endless pots of patients, it is part of the job description. It is also one of the first things to shorten when you are over tired. By making myself over-tired and stressed out I was not giving Sebastian the best I could.

Having this rest and prioritising playtime and rest with Sebastian was the best stress relief I could have reached for.

What else suffers?

Pretty much everything takes a dive when your tired. I get snappy and up-tight with Adrian. Cooking becomes dull, not to mention the increasing collection of bags under my eyes.

So what have I learnt from this, Life is like training. You need to give yourself enough rest to continue running at optimal levels.

After periods of stress or business you need to allow time to recover and ‘deload’ your life, re-charge the batteries.

We usually wait for a holiday to do this but I am suggesting that you periodically lessen the load for a week. I am not suggesting you stay in bed, under the duvet for days on end but sit down and work out where you can make your week that little less hectic for seven days.

Try it you will be amazed at the difference it makes!


Sally Dixey is a personal trainer @ Crossfit London in Bethnal Green

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