My Ultimate Gym Bra.

Over the last few weeks I have been looking at the performance of the Ultimate Gym bra by Shock absorber. I have been testing out how well it works under the pressure of CrossFit training.
Previously I explained my bad habit of just buying any old cheap bra because I could get away with it, due to my small lady lumps.  I thought a sports bra was just a sports bra. I now know differently and with my hand on heart am 100% a shock absorber type of gal.
So six weeks after trying on my Ultimate Gym bra, what have I noticed?
On a comfort scale shock absorber have got it sorted. It is a tough balance to get right and they have got it spot on. Comfort and support without feeling like the bra has been strapped on for dear life or squeezing the life out of me. On more then one occasion I have worn my ultimate bra for the whole day and did not even notice.
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Style and taste scored well as there was enough of the bra to keep modest while training with no vest on (it is not all about men taking there tops off anymore) while retaining a little femininity.
Without a shadow of a doubt this bra smashed the boundries as far as performance under stress is concerned. From box jumps to handstands, double unders to kipping the Ulitimate gym bra did not let me down.
The one fault I found related to strength training, namely back squat and bench press.
The fault lies with the rubber attached to the back straps.
When performing a back squat I found the Olympic bar caused the straps to dig into my back. This created discomfort and redness.
This was also felt when laying on the bench performing a bench press.
I did report this back to Shock Absorber to which they had this to say;:
“Our wearers are really important to us at Shock Absorber and we rely on their feedback for future product development.
We value the time you have taken to both trial, and feedback, on our new Gym bra and your suggestions for improvement have been passed on to our design team”
“We plan to introduce a padded hook and eye to the GYM bra this year which we believe is a great improvement, making this bra even more suitable for workouts.”
It looks like this won’t be a problem for much longer, nice one Shock Absorber.
They seem  switched on to the market and commited to giving us the best product for the job.
I can not wait to see what they have to offer next.
Sally Dixey is a CrossFit London personal trainer in East London.
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4 thoughts on “My Ultimate Gym Bra.”

  1. They are great whilst they last…. However they do not wash well. Mine only lasted a couple of months. Very disappointed for the price I paid.

    1. Hi Rowing Girl
      It’s a shame you have been disappointed with the way it holds after washing.
      So far I don’t seem to have discovered that issue. It has had a fair few washes already, maybe 3 per week. I will make note if it starts to lose shape.
      Have you tried contacting Shock Absorber? I am sure they would like your feedback.
      I will be sure to tweet this message their way.

  2. I’ve got a shock absorber, fitted and bought from Rigby & Peller. Just started wearing it – and I like! It’s nice to have a racerback that I don’t have to drag over my head.

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