Shock-Absorber’s New Offering

Not to long ago I reviewed the latest Shock Absorber sports bra. After years of cheap bras, compressing my tiny bust I was giving my boobs a treat and once they tasted what Shock Absorber had to offer there was no turning back.

In the pursuit of the perfect bra I decided I needed to get a more rounded view. This time asking my colleague and home-girl Kate Pankhurst to do the testing.

This is what she had to say;

Shock Absorber Sports Bra Style: SOOBV Size 36D

 As a CrossFit trainer and sports massage therapist, I was delighted to get my hands on Shock Absorber’s new sports bra. It ticks the boxes on my long list of ‘wants’ and ‘needs’.

I am – how shall I put this – blessed in the chest department! So for me, finding a correctly fitting and functioning sports bra has become an endless quest, and an urgent necessity.

 On first wearing, this didn’t strike me as the most glamorous item I’d ever seen. The front comes up quite high to the mid breastbone, almost like a scoop neck top. But on working in it, I realised what a Godsend this was for a rather ‘busty’ trainer. Displaying a deep cleavage to a mixed class of clients is neither desirable or professional, and I would be sometimes secretly having to readjust for ‘modesty’. But wearing this bra has solved that problem in a stroke. Everything is covered, and stays covered, no matter what I’m doing: handstands, double unders, Olympic Lifts. The additional material is made of wicking fabric, so all stays dry and fresh.

 Furthermore, the bra is underwired, with an underbust band of almost an inch, which contributes to holding everything comfortably in place. The back has a 3-row hook-and-eye fastening, and a choice of 3 widths for those times we get a bit bigger or smaller (that’s all of us, let’s face it!) What makes a cool addition though, is the little square pad underneath. No more hooks digging in to my back during situps, hollow rock or bench press.

 Having given this bra a thorough testing, wearing and washing, I can confidently declare it to be my favourite sports bra ever!


I think that pretty much say it all Girls. I know what will be on my wish list this christmas.


Sally Dixey is a CrossFit London personal trainer in East London. Email Sally for more info on starting CrossFit or Pre & Post natal fitness

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