Busy Mums Life Hack

I am a massive fan of the buzzfeed lists. My favourite lists are the life hacks that show you simple hacks to make everyday tasks/problems easier.

Very helpful when your time is precious.

Here are my two life hacks;

Problem #1
My family are big cheese fans. On a weekend we love to share a plate of cold meats, cheese, tomatoes and onions. I sometimes feel like I spend too much time slicing cheese! I refuse to buy the pre-sliced cheese as it just does not taste the same.

Solution; use a vegetable peeler to get the perfect cheese slice. It will also make your block of cheese go further.

Problem #2

Out and about with little man can often become an ordeal. Although you can do your best to pack for every eventuality I always seem to run out of water/juice. This usually means a stop off in a shop where Sebastian is faced with a huge choice of fizzy, sugary, aspartame filled drinks. I also don’t like the over priced choices in some cafes and restaurants. Being a health conscious mother I try to guide him toward the better choices but invariably he is drawn to the brightest boldest packaging, which tends to have the most E numbers.

Solution; Robinsons Squash’d is a little gem in my handbag. I can carry it everywhere without taking up too much bag space. When I get caught out with Sebastian now we do not have any of the fuss and dramas choosing a drink that both of us are happy with. Straight away we reach for a water bottle and squeeze in some Squashed. Seb loves that he can add his favourite juices, he still finds it fun watching the juice mixing with the water. And best of all Squash’d has no nasty’ so I am a happy Mummy.

On a more grown up level I keep Squash’d in my gym bag so I can add it to water when taking my sport supplements. Makes some of those unflavoured supps much more palette-able.

What about your life hacks? How do you make life easier? Any training related hacks? Or need advise personal advise regarding your training routine.

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