Back to the Blog……

Three years since my last post. A lot has happened!

The quick version…I settled in south-east London and concentrated on family and teaching. Once Seb went to school I had the opportunity to work in a new secondary school opened for autistic students. I taught PE lessons and assisted teachers in other subjects. Such a flip from coaching CrossFit! Taught me a heap of new teaching skills.

I have also had another baby, a daughter, Phoenix. I trained all the way through. Most of my time spent at CrossFit 7R in Woolwich. It was so different to with Seb. I am probably going to spend the next few posts talking about what I did different this time round.

My daughter, Phoenix is now 18 weeks old and I have been working at my recovery and return to full fitness. My approach is more measured and patient this time around. I will definitely be sharing in the coming posts. 

It was after coming through the haze of adjustment, during those tricky first few weeks that I decided it was time to break my lengthy absence from blogging. It was interesting reading through some of the old posts and seeing how my views differ. Going through pregnancy and postnatal with experience in tow was an amazing experience. Something worth sharing as although some great movements have been made regarding training and recovery there is still work to be done.

So expect more tit bits of advise and experience shared. 

Phew that feels good to be back writing again!

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