Pros of an Active Pregnancy

  • Reduce excess weight gain

Although you will gain weight, its a natural thing. exercise can help reduce excessive gain.

  • Happy Mum = Happy Baby

Not just to reduce weight gain but to give Mum’s good self-image while their bodies change. Give boosted confidence and mental wellbeing. This is of course felt by the baby.

  • Quicker recovery after birth

I am not suggesting you ping back like some unhealthy celebrities, but it is well documented that fitter Mum’s recover faster.

  • Easier pregnancy

With so many stresses to the body it seems obvious that fitter Mum’s can cope better with the changes in weight and balance.

  • Easier birth

Birth is like a marathon. It can take days. Fitter Mum’s are better able to cope with the endurance race of birth.

  • Better sleeping patterns

Although Mum is going to be tired already from all the activity going on, sleep can sometimes be disturbed. Exercise like pre-pregnancy can aid sleeping patterns and give for a more deep sleep.


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