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19th September -Lumber Jacks 20 – No try 60!

Anyone who has done Lumber Jack 20 before will have vivid memories and traumatic scar’s. All in the name of  remembering lost soldiers.

Lumber Jack 20 is a hero workout in which Crossfit uses the workouts to honour those lost in combat. There was an awesome comment on the main Crossfit site that said “You’re here, they are not so go hard”

I love the sentiment of that comment and that is absolutely what we did!

Props to Kirsty and Adrienne who accompanied me.

This is how it went………….

Firstly Overhead Squat 1 Rm.

Kirsty 42.5Kg

Adrienne 50Kg

Me (Sally) 60Kg

Now to explain LJ.

Tom and his crew on sat did this as a team so not wanting to be left out so did we.

Multiply  the reps by the amount of people. For each move those reps needed to be accumulated by the team. This meant that stronger members would end up doing more and weaker members less. In between each move is a 400m dash! Nice.

(I am just going to list the female weights for this workout)

Deadlift 85kg


Kettlebell Swing 24Kg


Overhead Squat 38.5Kg




Pull ups


Box Jumps 24 inches


Dumbell Squat Cleans 15Kg each arm

So for each move your looking at 60 reps.

The Deadlifts were the move to slow us down and personally I don’t like running but hey you can’t love it all.

Another Stonker of a workout for the team trails. Nice one Crew.


Sally Dixey is a Personal Trainer with Crossfit London in Bethnal Green


12th September -FireBreathers

Wednesday 12th saw the second team trial session delivered and what a session it was.

Tom had set up a Fire-Breathers session, which is Crossfit slang for those Crossfitters out there that eat back to back wod’s up for breakfast, who work so hard that you have that burning sensation sitting on your lungs and throat -Nice.

I could sense from the build up that this was going to be an epic session.


1rm Thrusters

Set up for Grace  (you have to watch this video Miranda is awesome!)

30 Clean and Jerks for time (42/62kg) The rule is Ground to overhead, full lock out.

10 minute cap.

The faster you got through Grace the more rest you had.

Getting ready for Cindy

5 Pull ups, 10 Push ups, 15 Squats

AMRAP 20 Minutes


Before I continue I have to admit that I totally screwed Grace up and i don’t even understand why………….

Let me explain.

Grace should be Ground to Overhead right..but for some reason I went ahead and must have completed around 20 reps from a hang position! I was the only numpty in the class doing it like that, I must have been in my own world.

I had every intention of running through Grace again on Friday and then post my result but the DOMS is still pretty harsh even as I type. I defo need to work on volume if I am going to make the team.

Anyways aside from that I was quite happy with my effort.

It was the first time doing pull ups in a wod rx’ed. Tough but such a good feeling!

I had to reduce my push ups from full to knee push ups by about round 4 but I am ok with that. I just need to work on that.

My Scores.

Thruster 52.5kg

Grace 5.30 (20 reps from hang)

Cindy 9.5 rounds

Attempting a group hug was impossible!
Attempting a group hug was impossible!
Scores on the doors!
Scores on the doors!

An Epic session with some Epic team mates.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Personal Trainer in Bethnal Green




4th September Trainer Down!!

Training cut short today because of injury.

So happy was I working on my ring dips that I pushed myself one too far and felt an awkward pain shoot through my right deltoid, that’s the shoulder muscle.

I had been fitting my sets of rings in between my bench press. I tried to shake it off hoping it was nothing but even benching it felt uncomfortable.

Best thing to do in this situation is to leave it to rest.

This meant leaving out pull up and dip work, abandon the bench and stick to my back squat.

Between sets I can’t stand just standing around, which is why I work my dips or pull ups in between. It makes much better use of your time!

So a little double under practise filled the gap.

At the end of my session I needed to think of a picture for this post…………….

So Chris and I thought we would dramatise  my injury in picture format.

We had loads of fun with this one.

It took me ages to stop laughing!
It took me ages to stop laughing!

No equipment was harmed in the making of these photos. LOL.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Personal Trainer in Bethnal Green.

There are currently a few spaces left on the next Wonderbar event for all you strength junkies out there.


Back after the Loooonnnnngggg Weekend!

Yikes Summer is nearly over. Where does the time go to???

I have just spent an amazing weekend with my fantastic friends. I need to say a big thank you to my sister for looking after Snoop for the entire bank holiday weekend.

I love being mum to Snoop but having a whole weekend to myself with my husband was awesome. We had tickets for SW4 in Clapham where we danced our socks off.

Come Sunday morning though we both looked at each other and said the same thing -“we missed our baby” Ah bless, we picked him up on Monday morning to loads of cuddles and smiles from him.

This also meant that my posting is a bit behind………

Check out this photo of me hanging around.


Hanging Around
Hanging Around

So after the long weekend my first session back was yesterday.

I got my first ropey ring dip today which I am most cuffed about. Now I have pull ups it’s the turn of ring dips. Slowly but surely I am going to work through my hit list if it kills me!!!!!1

As well as trying out the dips unaided I am also now includeing them in my strength routine. In between sets of bench press or back squat I am adding sets of either ring dips or pull ups.

I am doing the same lay out as with my pull ups. 5 sets with 3-7 reps each set.

With my ring dips I am using a thin red band for support. I am able to get 3-4 reps each set.

With my Pull ups I am averaging 4-5 reps per set with no band support! Whoop Whoop!


Strength is still working through Juggernaut. I still have 6 weeks left in the cycle.

Training posts could get a bit same same but I am going to persist. I will just need to break it up with some good met cons.

Back Squat and Bench Press

50% x 5 reps

60% x 3 reps

70% x 2 reps

75% x 1 rep

80% x AMAP (as many as possible)

Slowly over the weeks I have added more accessory moves and today was the turn of the L sit hold.

This move will compliment working toward my toes to bar. It is when you either hang from a bar and extend the legs out and hold. This uses your hip flexor and importantly your abdominals.

Instead of hangin though I used 2 boxes either side of me to support my hands and body and held my legs out here. I tend to get terrible cramp in my quads so find I am more of a hanging basket after a few tries then an L sit.

Give it a go and see how you find it. (If I was still pregnant I would not be doing this move past the 4-5 month due to the size of the bump)


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit LondonPersonal Trainer in Bethnal Green.

21st August -Slam Ball Central

Skipping training on Sunday always makes Tuesday’s session a bit tougher as I have some catch up to do.

I wanted to fit a met con in today to make up and with a new deliver at the gym of a load of slam balls I knew it had to include them.

Slam balls – a specially designed ball that you can throw/slam into the floor. It looks a bit like a very large stress ball but filled with something a bit heavier.

Strength was first on my list to attack.

Starting the intensification phase of the 8’s wave. Have you read up on juggernaut yet?

My warm up sets looked like this….

60%, 67.5% with 3 reps in each set.

Workings sets were 8 reps 3 sets at 72.5%

And of course Repping the last set.

Next up met con time!

I haven’t used a slam ball in maybe 3 years or more.

It’s not a favourite of mine, I will do it but only when I am told to. It’s not high on my hit list. I think because I am a lady and slam balls are quite a bloke-y primal move.

Anyways it’s new kit in the gym so I am up for giving it a once over.

We did 3 rounds of

20 slam balls

20 medicine ball cleans

20 knees to elbow


I can work through a met con like this no problem just not in the best of times as although I quite like doing them I have very few knees 2 elbow meaning I have to break down the 20 into 2’s and 1’s

Another move I need to improve on!

I got the work done in 16 minutes 37.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London personal trainer in Bethnal Green


16th August -Loser!

I hate it when I fail at something, don’t we all I guess.

Training today with Chris I am going to start by getting down the met con,or at least my attempt.

Chris’s suggestion for today was Annie, a benchmark crossfit wod of double unders and sit ups.

50,40,30,20,10 of each move alternating.

It should take sub 10 minutes to complete, but after that fluke of a wod the other week I always suck big time at double unders.

I was prepared to give it a go.

Sucking big time doesn’t even come close.

I was a total loser and by 12 minutes and still not having completed 50.

I dashed the rope to the corner of the room and threw my toys out of the pram!

Chris did try to motivate me by telling me to bloody well get on with it but seeing him flying through while I kept whipping every inch of my legs and arms looking more like someone tangled in the jump rope rather then actually achieving any reps, was enough for one day.

At one point Chris even told me to stop being a spoilt brat, which is fair play. I need someone to be tough on me but where I don’t mind working on my weakness’s I can’t stand working through a wod with them. I feel set up for failure.

So what have I learnt from this.

I need to practice more double unders!

It wasn’t a completely failed session as I did continue the 8’s wave of my juggernaut program.

Really I should have more time between sessions but after such a hectic wk previously I only just got to training yesterday.

Yesterday was …..

Bench press and back squat.

5 sets and 8 reps each set – weight was set at 65% of my working max.

I squeezed in 5 sets of 3 pull ups and some stretching.

Today was……

Over head press and dead lift

5 sets and 8 reps each set – weight was set at 65% of my working max.

Again I got my pull ups in whoop! And some stretches.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London coach in Bethnal Green

15th August -My New Years start now………………..

I am always so relieved when the last week is over. It’s like the beginning of a new year for me and everything is measured from that date. Now it’s over for another year I can begin with writing again.

The first thing I need to share with you is the most epic healthy breakfast ever!

I can’t claim this as my own invention, I watched the Hairy Bikers and nabbed it from them.



Beats any fry up!



Rocket and watercress


Balsamic vinegar

Baby tomatoes

Salt and pepper



Make a bed of rocket and watercress while heating up a pan of water.

When the water has heated to just below boiling add the egg for 20 seconds. This cooks the whites a little and makes for an easier egg to poach.

Fry the bacon in a pan and add the tomatoes. When done lay on the bed of rocket and watercress.

Crack the egg and gently add to the water and watch it poach to perfection.

When it’s done (I like the yolk to be runny) place the egg on top of the bacon and the tomatoes.

Finally drizzle on some vinegar.


This is a good alternative to a fry up.

As well as cooking I did get in some training sessions……


I am in the fourth week of juggernaut. I am doing it over two days with Sundays reserved for a hardcore met con and some accessory work on my shoulder and ring work.

I have really noticed some awesome strength gains and found that spending less time working in the top end of a working max has meant my form has been consistent and have had next to no bad lifts!

From an injury perspective this is awesome as it makes for less injury and better recovery.

I could try and explain the Juggernaut method but I would probably get all muddled up and not explain it well. It’s quite a complex method but well worth a read. You can find the juggernaut e-book by clicking!

This will explain it much better then I could.

I have had a huge break through with my pull ups. Let me share the story so far……

So while in Australia I had my first ropy chin up since pregnancy. On my return I decided to dust off my power bar and attach it to the bathroom door. I started with that 1 ropy chin up and practise it every time I washed my hands (which made for a lot of practise)

1 chin turned into 3. Whoop

Now I had my 3 chins without a band or support it was time to start practising some strength.

3-7 reps 5 sets rest about 2 minutes between sets.(this can be followed by using support also but try to use as little support required)

The first time I did this I could only manage 3 sets with no band and used a very light red band for the remaining sets.

Next I was able to complete 4 sets with no help and on the final set Chris spotted/helped with the last rep.

A week later I didn’t need any help finishing! Whoop.

Now to turn these into pull ups. (the difference with a chin to a pull is the way you grip the bar -a chin is easier as more bicep is used)

So at home I started to practise a pull up grip every time I washed my hands!

All my hard work has paid off because yesterday I was able to complete 5 sets of 3-4 pull ups with absolutely no help!

I just need to keep working at it and make sure I continue to improve.

My next goal is toes to bar and ring dips!

Alongside the final stage of the 10’s wave (realisation phase of juggernaut, for a detailed explanation of this refer to the above link to the e-book) I fitted in a Sunday meet with Kate.

We are still making our way through the Crossfit Games wod’s.

This Sunday was the turn of the dreaded wall ball amrap.

150 6kg wall balls 9ft target

90 double unders

30 muscle ups

In past posts I have shown images and clips of double unders and muscle ups, you can find them by search my site or looking further on google.

A wall ball is a dynamic move which sees you thrusting the wall against a wall and catching it. This move gets tiring very quickly!

I would love to say I got through the whole thing but with a cap of 12 minutes I only managed to get the wall balls done, with 45seconds to spare.

Yeah I could have made a start on the double unders but I was so wiped out by the wall balls I probably would have got all tangled up in the rope.

I want to add I was using a 7kg ball as we only have one 6kg that Kate had bugsied. Not that I’m complaining! Lol.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London personal trainer in Bethnal Green


Thursday 2nd August -Double Unders Galore

Today saw a super organised Sally stepping into the gym. I almost didn’t recognise her (lol)

I had all my weights calculated unlike usual where I come in and have to spend an age working it all out.

It made a huge difference. Well worth preparing for 10 minutes at home.

Continuing with Juggernaut it was overhead press day and deadlifts.

Percentages were the same for both.

1 set of 5 @ 55%

1 set of 5 @ 62%

3 sets of 10 @67.5%

A quick reminder that the percentages are worked out from 90% of a 1 rm. If you don’t know your 1rm but have say a 3 or 5 rm you can use this calculation to work it out.

(weight x reps x 0.33) + weight = projected max

Now time for a met con.

This is the metabolic conditioning part of Crossfit. For all you weight loss junkies out there by working at high intensities/circuit crossfit stylee, you are able to raise metabloic rate and have a greater EPOC (excessive post-workout oxygen consumption) All this means is that way after training you will still be burning  calories at a higher rate then using the cross-trainer for an hour.

3 rounds of

15 Power Snatches

30 Double unders (this is where for every skip you rotate the rope twice)

90 second rest

I used 25 Kg on the bar and did this in 11 minutes 21 seconds.

All I need to do now is work on getting a more effective double under as I find them hard work when exhusted.

Check out how cute the two babies are…….

Snoop and Basil getting to know each other.
Snoop and Basil getting to know each other.



Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Personal trainer in Bethnal Green



31st July -New Member of the Team

I have been waiting 4 weeks to meet Chris’ “baby” and finally today after his last injections he was allowed into the gym.

Meet Basil Howard, Chris’ beloved terrier puppy.


He is proper cute…..but not as cute as my boy (don’t tell Chris I said

We did get some work done.

Here’s how it went………….

Back Squats

After spending 30 minutes with Steven Shrago talking about back squat form according to Mark Rippetoe I decided to give it a try.

The stance is slightly wider with a 30 degree toe out and when  back squatting a low bar position is preferred. Keep tension on the hamstrings by coming as deep as parallel, which allows for greater posterior chain engagement. A verbal cue of driving from the coccyx and knees out.

The final difference is head position, which is compared to having a tennis ball between chin and chest.

This is how I loaded up……..

1 set of 5 @ 55%

1 set of 5 @ 62.5%

3 sets of 10 @ 67.5%

The percentages are all taken from 90% of a working max.

I have to admit I felt pretty solid working with Mark’s style of back squat. I find because of my olympic lifting I sit very up right in a squat so getting a bit more assistance with my hams and glutes was much appreciated during a strength session.

Next up was my Bench Press. Not my favourite but hey you can’t like everything.

I used exactly the same percentages and rep ranges as above.

(P.s. If you have a crazy big back squat or bench press you may need to do a few more warm up sets rather the whack 55% on straight away)

To finish the topic was Pull Ups.

As most of you know it is my goal to build up my volume of pull ups.

For a strength workout today I did this on top of the odd chin ups at home on my power bar.

5 sets of 3-7 Chin ups using the lightest band support possible.

I did my first set with no band and then used the very thinnest red band to make 5 sets in total of 3 reps.

I certainly feel like I am making progress….watch this space.


Sally Dixey is a Personal Trainer with Crossfit London @ Bethnal Green



24th July Getting to grips with The Juggernaut

At my Crossfit home in Bethnal Green we are testing out a new central programming system.

This means for our members that there is a strength component in every session, which will hopefully take them to Mr Muscle glory.

-it wont actually turn you into Mr Muscle but with some work make you stronger

Juggernaut was developed by an athlete called Chad Wesley Smith in 2009. He has taken the work of Doug Young and   Jim Wendler married them together and the called it Juggernaut.

Chad believes in making small progressions based on your rep record. Working out increases in weight based on the last set performed, which should be a maxed out set but leaving 2-3 reps in the tank.

When performing the maxed out set, technique and form must be as good as the first rep with no spotting required.

Don’t get Crossfit London wrong though we haven’t forgotten our roots, so with each session while fitting in the strength component there is also time for a 10-15 minute WOD.

Today my training session with Chris is influenced by Juggernaut as we have decided alongside our clients to take up the Jugger Method and see how we find it.

Back Squat @60% of working max (37.5Kg)

5 sets of 10

The final set is a maxed out set. With good form I reached 15 reps.

When working out your weights it is better to be conservative then over estimate as this gives you further to go.

Bench Press @60% of working max (16Kg) -OK so that doesn’t seem like much but I am only a girl!!

5 sets of 10

Again maxing on the last set I reached 17 reps.

The next time I come to perform these moves I will increase the weight according to the additional reps. It is around 2Kg added per rep.

Keeping good records is important to follow your progress but also to calculate your weights.

Phew working through all this took what felt like forever to work out but now we have made a start it should be pretty clear for Thursdays session.

On such a hot day me and Chris bolted from the gym door as soon as the last weihgt was lifted to soak up the rays before they disappeared. No time for a met con today!!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Personal Trainer in Bethnal Green.