WOD 8th March Chris’s Crazy Class

So this morning I rocked up to Chris’s 8am class feeling some what tired. I just had to keep telling myself it was only an hour of hard work!

I had already pre-warned Chris of my arrival in case any subs were needed but to my delight I could do exactly what the rest of the motley crew were doing! Whoop.

Chris got us started on some all important mobility exercises. I made sure I stayed within my range of movement, all to aware that relaxin was making my joints super flexible. I didn’t want to go tearing anything!

After about 10 minutes of this we set up racks, most having to share but with Chris and his wanting to keep an eagle eye on me I got one all to myself, thanks Chris.

We were working on shoulder press strength 2×5 then one final set rep-ing out.

Of course we did progressive warm up sets and gave ourself 3mins rest in between our working sets.

That gave us the perfect opportunity while resting to bang out a few chin ups for good measure.

The met con for today was awesome!

5 rounds of:

15 Front Squats and either 400m run or row.

I love front squats in the morning!
I love front squats in the morning!

I choose a row. And kept my squat weight reasonable but not heavy.

I smashed it in 15mins 23sec, not bad for someone pregnant.

Thanks loads Chris, you gave me loads of attention and encouragement.

Sally Dixey a Crossfit London Coach

BLOG What has happened to my Diet!!!!!

Hands up how many of us have followed a reasonable diet? Either a specific diet like palio or zone.

Myself I don’t get along with diets but have always had what you would probably describe as a healthy diet. I eat a little of everything I like. Pasta, potatoes, grain all in moderation, even chocolate. I would though class it as more protein heavy. I just love meats and could never see myself as a veggie.

Thing is since falling pregnant I have had to ditch any control I previously had over my eating habits and follow my tummy.

I have found myself devouring thickly cut bread made into cheese and ham sandwiches with crisps on the side and maybe a biscuit or square of dark chocolate.

Brunch on Saturday consisted of crispy bacon, 1 toast, baked beans, egg and to finish off with after that had settled, an almond croissant, yum yum.

After spending time worrying and trying to fight the urges to eat anything I fancied I finally made peace.

Something so special is happening inside me that how can I deny myself.

It is only for another 6 months so what the heck!

I have spoken to Phil Rolling at Crossfit London about diet needs as he is the expert  in all things food. Watch out for the Dietary needs article coming soon.



WOD 7th March Back Squats and Bunny Hops

Following a weekend spent on the sofa I was well up for a dose of hardwork.

I had intended to join Colin’s Saturday class but after a shocking nights sleep I just couldn’t prize myself away from the sofa! At first I felt guilty for my lardiness but to be fair I am doing a hell of a lot inside my tummy. Rest days are so important these days. With muscles taking longer to recover I am not following a 3 on 1 off routine. It’s more like 2 on 1 off, I am find that far more manageable!!!

So what did I get up to I hear you say. Sticking with maintaining a good squatting routine across the coming wks it was back squats again.

Warm up with the bar 2×5

1×5 with some weight

1×3 more weight

1×2 more weight

Now for the working sets 2×5 working on strength (10-20%) and 1×5+ working on endurance.

Next up a lovely met con testing my fitness and cardio levels to the max. 3 fast paced movements with 4 rounds to get my teeth in to.

50 sit ups to start with

4 rounds of

12 pull ups, 24 barbell hops, 12 SDHP

50 sit ups to finish

I got there in 13 minutes Whoop.

The safeness of barbell hops in this WOD is dependant on a few things…

I am very comfortable jumping, I love a good jump.

The height is significantly lower then box jumps (I have stopped box jumping)

I at present have no bump to show and so far have had no effect on my centre of gravity.

I would consider a sub if any of the above were an issue. What would I sub as? Something that would keep my heart rate high is the key.

WOD 4th March Squats, presses and running!

I was up nice and early today teaching the 7.30 lot at Crossfit London. A mix of strength and endurance, using a few techniques from Westside Barbells.

As the class was only 4 that I would join in with the squats and presses. The aim was to complete 3 sets

2 strength (10-20%) lighter then usual 5 rep

1 endurance – Rep-ing out

Its been a while since I have done anything vaguely heavy and knowing my safe zone was probably 60-70% of previous weight lifted I loaded the bar with 45kg for my working sets. 2×5.  We also did warm up sets 2×5-bar, 1×5-more weight, 1×3-bit more weigh, 1×2-even more weight.

Though I am more used to lifting a lot more on my back squat maybe it was the break but it felt challenging!

Our final set was to rep out at which I did 14 Whoop. It felt nice to have some weight on broad again.

We did the same drill for a strict press

2 strength set

1 endurance – rep-ing out

Again our warm ups sets were the same as above.

I found back doing what I love…weights awesome. I kept within the guidelines for safe lifting and felt amazing afterwards.

I let the gang crack on with the rest of the WOD with you me…. a chin up ladder. I am still recovering from Angie on tuesday!!!

That probably what I have noticed the most that I take longer to recover. Anyways……

I do like to pace it out on the treadmill (I am not a fan of outdoor running in the cold weather) so I popped into Bodylines and on to the treadmill for 30mins. I have got right into gradient running and have managed to increase my speed and duration to almost 15mins at level 10. Another Whoop I think. I am not the worlds greatest runner but I do find it really relaxing, just what I need as for tomorrow I am heading into Colin’s class and I am sure that will be a tough one!!!


BLOG 2nd March Big Dreamer!

While pregnant you can expect your sleep to be broken. It is in all the books! Me personally I have been waking up almost hourly!

Almost driving me crackers, arriving to teach early morning classes with a collection a bags under my eyes.

At least now I can be quite open with why I am so tired. Before I am sure members thought I was out all hours having a whale of a time!!

This is apparently how our body prepares for the baby. Teaching us to sleep lightly for the frequent night feeds and any other reason our expected cherub might need us for! This is one side affect of the pregnancy I wish Adrian was getting a dose of too! I listen with jealousy as he snoozes away next to me.

On the up side though, and this is something they don’t tell you in the books. My dreams when I do sleep vary for the funny, crazy to the down right weird! Adrian looks forward to the next bizarre instalment. And last night was no different. I actually dreamt I was living in a video game!!!Full of monsters to kill and big boss men and levels and all sorts.

As far as crazy goes this was one of my personal bests!

Not all of the dreams have been friendly. And some of them,  upon reflection are clearly my sub-conscious sorting through all the worries and wonders I may have.

We have so many things to think about that it is no surprise we struggle to sleep and dream like a mad-man.

There are just not enough hours in the day to prepare for what is ahead.

If anyone can do better then me on the video game dream please leave your comments.  It would be nice to see I am not the only one out there!

WOD 1st March ‘Angie’ with Phil

Feeling a bit lacking in motivation I sent a text to my pal and fellow Crossfit London coach Phil Rolling. Letting him know I would be coming down for his 6.30 class so he could prepare any scaled exercises for me.

His plan was for Angie – Whoop its been a while since I have danced with Angie.

As soon as I arrived all you lovely people finishing the previous class gave me some nice words of congratulations before Phil pulling me up for chatting and being late. He has a rep for being a tyrant. A good one though.

I knew Phil would have researched any restrictions and asked how I felt about the planned WOD and we discussed the 100 sit ups?????   Though I can in fact do sit ups we decided to sub them as it made Phil feel a bit better about watching a pregnant lady bang out 100 sit ups for time. We decided on the GHD machine to perform knee lifts, bit like a roman chair. Only it had been so long since my last Angie I have forgotten the ‘claw effect’ and found my sub was probably way tougher then sit ups!!!!

So for those who aren’t familier with Angie here is how it goes…….

100 pull ups

100 push ups

100 sit ups or sub

100 squats

I did well for my pull ups and squats but after 100 pull ups your grip is laughable and I had cramp in my fingers! Moving from push ups to sub-ed knee lifts, my arms were jelly I could barely hold my body weight. Phil gave me a nudge towards the squats giving my arms a well needed rest.

I completed Angie in just over 30 minutes, I felt awesome, it’s such a good workout and so satisfying when you reach the end – Whoop Whoop

A big thanks to Phil for all his attention and care, don’t tell him I told you but he bark is worse then his bite!

WOD 29th Febuary Not my Fave!

We all have to do WOD’s we don’t like and today I took my Crossfit London plan for this evening and gave it a test run.

Firstly 8-1-8 Kb swings and burpees.

The problem with burpees is that despite a good sports bra the jump up and clap bit is still uncomfortable, I don’t think I need explain that one further. But since it was on the table I got through them with a  sort of smile.

Next up a drill ladder of Front squats and Push presses. I wanted to get the class working on their hip drive. If they were going to do it then so was I…these were the reps.

10  8  6  4  2 Front Squats

2  4  6  8  10 Push press

The Wod was pretty straight forward and didn’t at first look very menacing but at mid point it was feeling very hard!!! One of the main things I have noticed is that I heat up very quickly and can feel my body reach its limit far quicker, especially with exercises I find challenging.

I used 20kg for this wod and did Amrap of 15 minutes

5 thrusters

7 hang power cleans


Wiped out after all this I went home a nice big lunch!


Race for Life – I am doing it again!

On the 3rd of July 2011, I will be 7 months pregnant, probably slightly mad from baby brain but I will be making my way with my friend Emma across Blackheath. Not content with just a 5k we are going the whole hog…10k for Race for Life.

Its going to be my challenge this year, you maybe thinking do I really need another challenge with impending motherhood but I just couldn’t let it go by without doing my bit.

We all know what the cause is for and we all know someone affected. This year I am racing for everyone who has the courage to look cancer in the face and fight.

Together we can beat it

Find me at


WOD 24th Febuary First Day Back!

I didn’t intend to throw myself in at such a deep end but since only Sam rocked up to my thursday night Crossfitlondon 5.30 class, I couldn’t let him go through it alone. I had always planned to start with Steven on the Fri morning session…but here goes nothing.

Knowing that I had to scale accordingly the parameters were slightly different to Sam, though after my long break and with baby on broad it still felt the way a good crossfit WOD should!

This is the original plan………

3 minute Double under practise followed by

10 minute military ketttlebell snatch test (Sam used 16kg while I stuck with 8kg)

Giving a short interlude of recovery while setting up over stations -pull ups and push ups, we then had the main WOD to smash.

What I had done was take a main site WOD Severin and mash it up!

10 pull ups

20 push ups

Block Run (450m)

During the WOD I needed to ensure that the intensity was bare-able, and as it was my first session back I sub-ed the block runs for alley runs until Sam had completed his block. This meant I could keep a nice steady pace instead of charging round to keep up with Sam. Whilst Pregnant we don’t need to be looking for Pb’s we just want to stay fit.

An introduction to Sally’s World.

For those who know me already I am the ‘hard as nails’ Crossfit London coach with a rep to match. For all the moans and groans during my classes I do however get plenty of cheery thanks after a short recovery and swift exit from the gym dripped in sweat.

My trademark I guess you could call it, is no guts, no glory, good old fashioned hard work. I expect a lot from my faithful crew but in turn I give back ten fold and relish inventing a new devilish WOD or twisting a pre-existing toughie into a more sinister sibling.

Times are changing and as a new chapter starts for me so the need for a new vamped website, where I can whittle on about all things great and good.

What new chapter I hear you ask??????


Motherhood and Crossfit are not essentially two words you would instantly put together. But think about it for a moment…….The changes to a women’s body at this precious time in her life, are they not the epitome of Crossfit and require the same consideration to fitness that you normally would? Did you know there is a Crossfit Mom site?

Ok so maybe you would need to scale down and modify but for anyone who can’t see that the act of giving birth will require more stamina then even the toughest Games event is mad and really needs to have a heart to heart with their mother.

I am at the end of my first trimester and over the next 6 months I will blog/report/investigate and document just how incredible a women’s body is and why Crossfit can play a great part in keeping me and my bump in the best possible shape.

This is a time to celebrate the wonder of health and wellbeing and I intend on sharing my passions with the world.

I invite anyone out there who has any questions or comments to contact me at