FitStrongMum Who?

With lots of trainers out there it’s hard to know the good from the bad.

This is me, trying to keep it simple.

I have more than 10 years experience working in the fitness industry.  Across London and abroad a cruise ship, the Boudicca.

From humble beginnings as a gym instructor in a community gym to a run down railway arch in East London.  I have been lucky to be surrounded by many talented trainers and coaches over the years.

As well as completing a certified personal training qualification, I also have under my belt;

  • Kettlebell training
  • Pre & post natal exercise
  • Powerplates
  • Olympic Lifting
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Gym Jones Certificate
  • British Gymnastics General Gymnastics Level 1
  • DTLLs Teacher Diploma
  • Advanced Modern Pregnancy Certificate

My own personal favourite style of training is CrossFit.

Cross what???……most people asked when they hear that!

In only a few words I would have to say CrossFit is not hum drum exercise. Its fast, furious and functional but scale-able for everyone.

Since having a baby I have spent more time focused on getting my body back into shape. It takes a lot longer then they let you in on!!!

This blog is my share of all the tips, tricks, ideas and rants about training, children and being a women.

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4 thoughts on “FitStrongMum Who?”

  1. How did you find the gym Jones certification course? Its not common to see trainers with this qualification. I imagine it would’ve been a great experience. Love your blog as a fellow crossfit/circuit training new mum.

    1. Hey there, Thanks for your kind message. Glad you are enjoying my blog.
      I enjoyed the Gym Jones course. There was some good points I could apply to my personal training sessions.
      Some of the information was what I already knew but it just help to reinforce those ideas.
      I think the Gym Jones Crew will be in London again in October. You could find more details on their website.
      Let me know how you get along.

  2. Wowee, as a new mum and someone just getting interested in CrossFit (my hubs just bought some gym rings for the outside tree haha) I wish I came across this blog DURING my pregnancy. But I’ll be catching up on here for sure. Do you work out in a CrossFit gym or do you do your own CrossFit Training?

    1. Hey thanks for the nice feedback.
      To answer your question. I do train in a Crossfit gym in Bethnal Green. You are more then welcome to come down and take a look some time. You can get me directly on this email address
      What kind of things are you trying out? What have you done since you had your baby?

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