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26th July – Pushy Mother Alert

Pushy Mothers! You know the type I am talking about.

The Mum’s you see dragging there kids from football practise to ballat to claranet lessons. Lessons after lesson, practise practise practise!

The type of mother who is re-living her life through her offspring!

All through my pregnancy I never thought I would resemble anything like a pushy mother………………

I wouldn’t say I am quite at that level yet but some of you out there may laugh at my latest folly.

It all started one day while training.

Andrew Stemler my boss rocked up to the gym and as usual me and Chris fall into conversation about this and that.

In typical proud mother stylee I decided to show Andrew, Snoops latest achievement, which was standing with no support for a few moments.

Awesome said Andrew but can he hang from a bar?

I don’t know was my response, there is only one way to find out!

Ok so this may sound rather dangerous but if I can explain before people reach for child line!

We lowered a bar on one of the racks so it was about mid thigh height for you and me.

I stood with Snoop by the bar while Andrew held on to the bar showing Snoop what to do.

Babies are great mimic’s and naturally want to copy you as they want to fit in with the community they are a part of.

I then held him under the bar and in an instant his little arms shot up to find the bar and take grip!

He then beamed at Andrew with his bestest smile looking for approval.

I had my hands supporting him before you freak out!!

We did 3 short holds on the bar and were even surprised to see Snoop trying to pull himself up.

Andrews last suggestion was to find his hands on the floor like a handstand but with me holding him.

This will then take us nicely into a forward roll then he is ready.

All a while Snoop was laughing and smiling at us. I don’t feel I was making him do something he didn’t want to do, so I think that all the time he is enjoying his mini gym classes I will continue to show him (with Andrews help).

Who knows I may have a future Olympian on my hands or a Crossfit Champion

(I don’t advise that anyone copy what I have been up to with Snoop unless under supervision)


Sally Dixey is a Personal Trainer with Crossfit London @ Bethnal Green

24th July Getting to grips with The Juggernaut

At my Crossfit home in Bethnal Green we are testing out a new central programming system.

This means for our members that there is a strength component in every session, which will hopefully take them to Mr Muscle glory.

-it wont actually turn you into Mr Muscle but with some work make you stronger

Juggernaut was developed by an athlete called Chad Wesley Smith in 2009. He has taken the work of Doug Young and   Jim Wendler married them together and the called it Juggernaut.

Chad believes in making small progressions based on your rep record. Working out increases in weight based on the last set performed, which should be a maxed out set but leaving 2-3 reps in the tank.

When performing the maxed out set, technique and form must be as good as the first rep with no spotting required.

Don’t get Crossfit London wrong though we haven’t forgotten our roots, so with each session while fitting in the strength component there is also time for a 10-15 minute WOD.

Today my training session with Chris is influenced by Juggernaut as we have decided alongside our clients to take up the Jugger Method and see how we find it.

Back Squat @60% of working max (37.5Kg)

5 sets of 10

The final set is a maxed out set. With good form I reached 15 reps.

When working out your weights it is better to be conservative then over estimate as this gives you further to go.

Bench Press @60% of working max (16Kg) -OK so that doesn’t seem like much but I am only a girl!!

5 sets of 10

Again maxing on the last set I reached 17 reps.

The next time I come to perform these moves I will increase the weight according to the additional reps. It is around 2Kg added per rep.

Keeping good records is important to follow your progress but also to calculate your weights.

Phew working through all this took what felt like forever to work out but now we have made a start it should be pretty clear for Thursdays session.

On such a hot day me and Chris bolted from the gym door as soon as the last weihgt was lifted to soak up the rays before they disappeared. No time for a met con today!!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Personal Trainer in Bethnal Green.


22nd July -What a great way to start a Sunday!

Me and Kate (my homegirl from Crossfit London and host of Wonderbar) have made a vow to work our way through the 2012 Games Open Wod’s.

For Kate this is her second stab at them and naturally wants to beat her scores.

Me, I am trying them out for the first time so here hoping I can get through them.

8.30am is a crazy time to be up and training on a Sunday but when the sun shines like it did, jumping out of bed is less of a challenge.

The plan was to get through 2 of the 6 WOD’s.

First up……..

30 Snatches @ 20Kg

Followed by

30 Snatches @ 35Kg

Followed by 30 Snatches @ 45Kg

Oh and you only have 10 minutes to do it in.

The first 30 were some what easy. We both smashed them in around 2 minutes.

35Kg felt a little more hard work……. nay a lot harder if I am honest.

When I tackle reps like this I always break it into bite size targets.

By tackling them in sets of 5 I was able to complete all 30 reps but with only 30 seconds left I had no time to add more weight and start on the 45Kg.

Kate did equally as well. beating her previous score. Nice one Kate.


To round up the morning Kate wanted to try the Burpee Wod!

7 Minutes to do as many burpees as possible with a reach bar 6 inches above your highest reach while standing on the floor.

You must tap the bar with both hands on each rep for them to count.

Again Kate broke her record while I racked up 71, which I was happy with.

Considering where I was just after my pregnancy I am quite proud of my progress.

Watch out next year I might even do the Game Opens and register!


Sally Dixey is a personal trainer @ Crossfit London in Bethnal Green


19th July -Strength and a Met Con

Just before I let you in on my met-con joy for today I just wanted to point out to you all that I have added a search box and Facebook Like. Thanks Steven for helping me out.

All that means is if you should like to search for words or topics you now have that option. If you like what you read you can click Like. (I would really love it if you did)Now on to the good bits.

I totally wasn’t ready for today. I was still sleepy and rushing now to be late, which always makes me flustered.

Rocking up with Snoop in tow, I could we Chris in his shorts. That could only mean one thing, a met con was on the board.

It’s not that I don’t like them, I fact I love that side to Cossfit. It’s just that since being back to training and spending time focused on repair and recovery I feel just like I did when I first started Crossfit. A bag of nerves till I start to lift the bar. Don’t ask me where the nerves come from, it’s probably performance anxiety.

Training is now going to have a slightly difference focus anyway.

Now I am as close to back to normal as I could have hoped for at this stage I am going to be favoring a few more met cons into my training.

With met cons for the time being I just want to be able to finish them with good form and technique rather then competing against the entire gym/class as is the usual way to tackle them.

Before the year is out I want to be doing multiple pull ups and ring dips with no band support and this is only going to happen if I chip away at it.

Right so I have babbled and make my pull up promise so what did I do today…………………..

Snatch Balance as a warm up!!! Awesome my favourite move.

I can quite proudly say I did more weight then Chris!!!

Ok so Chris is an animal where strength is concerned but when it comes down to a Snatch balance it’s all about how you change speed and direction to get under the bar. Unsure what the Snatch balance is??

We did 3 sets of 3 reps reaching 40Kg.

Coach Bergnener had it right in the video clip above when he said it gives confidence. Knowing I can get 40Kg in a Snatch balance will set me up from a full snatch.

Something Chris is a little better at was the next move a Sumo-deadlift.

4 sets of 8 reps. I used 50Kg on the bar.

(Remember weights that I use are not a prescription for everyone)

Finally we had to make a start on the met con.

1000m Row

3 rounds of- 10 Clean and jerks & 10 Chest to bar pull ups

800m Row

The rowing is like a sandwich around the 3 rounds.

And yes you read right the pull ups have to be chest to the bar not just the chin!!!!

I stuck 35Kg on the bar and worked on technique rather then killing myself.

I did this in 29 minutes 50 seconds.

It’s a start, from here on it can only get better!!

That was more then enough for today so homeward bound.

I am still working on my pregnancy workshop. I have had tones of great feed back and have just sat down with my doctor to pick his brain.

I will keep you posted as I go.


Sally Dixey is a Personal Trainer with Crossfit London in Bethnal Green




Look what my Mummy can do!

I have mixed emotions about what I am about to share.

On one side I am really proud to have clawed it back but on the other side I wish it hadn’t taken so long!!

Before I fell pregnant I had got my first few pull ups ever without a band. It had taken me over a year to get there working my way through the different band supports but eventually I got there.

When I came back after my rest during my first trimester, bang my pull up was gone and as my weight increased and the bump got bigger I gave up trying to win it back and just focused on having a healthy pregnancy.

That was all fair and well but as I watched my fellow Crossfitting females swinging from the bars I was determined to get it back as soon as I could.

With my return to training scarpered by the c-section I had a long 6 month wait till I was ready to lift some weights again.

And I am pretty glad I did allow myself to recover properly, though I am back in the swing of things I still don’t have the same feeling or sensation in the area and that’s a good 9 months after the fact. If the surface is still back to normal then going deeper is probably still mending too.

Any how back to my pull ups……..

My path to pull up heaven begun at home. As soon as I started training with Chris my pull up bar went back up!

Every opportunity I had I would jump on the bar and pull up as best I could. I did jumping pull ups negative pull ups and banded pull ups.

Every time I was in gym I would have a go at some pull ups till eventually while in Brisbane, Australia I gave it a go with no band and with a bit of a struggle I go there.

Whoop Whoop.

Back in the UK I proudly showed Chris my 1 pull up. Great he said now lets get a few more!!

So I will continue with my pull up plan and keep on at it till I am swinging like the best.


Sally Dixey is a Personal Trainer with Crossfit London in Bethnal Green

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