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Back to Business

Welcoming in the warmer weather means we begin to think of spring cleaning and new starts following the long winter months.  For me this feels like the perfect timing for me  to resurrect my blog and maybe explain my extended absence.

It has been a while since I have been able to regularly post my thoughts and ideas on pregnancy training & CrossFit.

I have had a very good excuse.

I have been studying.

Developing my coaching skills by completing a DTLLS award.  This is a teaching qualification which allows me to teach post 14 years old. I can add supply teaching assistant/learning support to my list of experience, having placements in a variety of inner London primary and secondary schools.

I have also moved to the South East of London!  Quite a lot to juggle, hence the back burner for sallydixey.com

Moving means I am now only coaching at CrossFit London on Saturday mornings. This limits my availability for personal training in East London. Appointments are by arrangement via email only. Reach me at; sally@crossfitlondonuk.com

This does however mean exciting times ahead.

My relocation to South East is a brand new chapter but also brings me full circle and back to my roots.  I started as a fitness instructor this side of the water at GLL Waterfront Leisure Centre.

South East is almost untouched as far as the CrossFit movement is concerned. This is something I hope to change.

So look forward to hearing a lot more from me over the coming months and the big reveal  when I finally have the finishing touches completed to my garage gym at my South East London location just off Shooters Hill.

Diary of a Bra -2

Skip test time.

I have just acquired a new speed rope from Wolverson.

Getting happy with my speed rope
Getting happy with my speed rope

I love it best 20 quid spend this month. It makes such a huge difference to your double unders!

How did my Shock Absorber find the skips?

No problem at all.

I know I have a small bust and your probably thinking that would still be the case if I had a few more cup sizes but honestly this new ultimate sports bra is not just comfortable but the design gives you maximum compression that your boobs aren’t going anywhere.



Sally Dixey is a Personal Trainer in Bethnal Green @ Crossfit London

Boobs and Bras.

A big conversation amongst female gym bunnies that I have always felt a little left out of.

Not being very blessed with much, I can get away with something cheap and simple. I can imagine but not relate to the difficulty some of my friends face

It seems that comfort, support and of course colour are seen rarely as a set. So finding the perfect bra to accompany your training sessions has now become as much a drama as finding the perfect jeans.

You are wondering where I am going with this?

Well a few weeks ago I received an email from House of Fraser asking me to review the latest Shocker Absorber.

They wanted to know what I found of the fit, style and performance.

Obviously they were not aware of the ease I have finding a sports bra.

If they did they would have asked someone else.

Anyway I agreed. A few weeks later and it arrived. This is probably the most expensive sports bra I have ever worn so I had high expectations.

Would I notice the difference from my cheap sports direct bra? If I am honest not a lot.

I hate having small boobs but I guess this is the pay off -easy to find and cheap sports bras.

If I was to have a more constructive review of this bra I would  need to reach out. So turning to Facebook I posted for feedback and not before long I had a long list of criteria to run through. Brilliant.

Now the work begins.

While I test out the fit and performance why not give me your thoughts on how it looks.

Check out the straps!I had to keep the top catch fastened and take over my head.
Check out the straps!I had to keep the top catch fastened and take over my head.


It has a small clip attached for your ear phones.
It has a small clip attached for your ear phones.


Sally Dixey is a Persoanl Trainer @ Crossfit London, Bethnal Green

Dealing with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (Pelvic Girdle Pain)

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction or Pelvic Girdle Pain as detailed in a past post is the separation of the symphysis pubis.

One of two things will happen if you experience this. You will want to stay in bed for the remainder of your pregnancy, everyday activities seeming too painful or you will want to carry on with some sort of activities least of all your day to day tasks.

First things first though make sure you see your doctor. In severe cases you will need to see a physiotherapist.

Either way management of the pain and knowledge of what will worsen or help the situation is always useful.

Exercises for someone with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (PGP).

I wish I could give a straight forward answer but I can’t. I can generally state that movements that would worsen the condition would include movements that mean the hips, legs are separated ie a wide squat, lunges. Or simply putting one foot in front of the other ie walking.

Saying that though this will vary from woman to woman. Ranges of movement and particular exercises will differ across the board.

Prescription needs to be specific to each woman. How do certain moves and ranges feel? If pain is experienced quite simply STOP

I have seen a client who struggles with wide squats but found regular squats with a shortened range fine. Or couldn’t do lateral lunges but reverse lunges and regular lunges are fine.

If you want to continue to train you need to be realistic that something like Crossfit at this point is probably going to be extremely scaled and or stopped altogether for a more gentler approach.

Remember ladies this is fine!

Your symphysis pubis will return to normal after your baby is born.

It is Ok during pregnancy to take the tempo down. It is a small amount of time in the grand scheme of life.

Believe me you won’t have time to slow down when your baby arrives!!

In all cases focus on the core stabilising muscles of the pelvis is vital.

Working on transverse abdominal activation, pelvic floor recruitment will all make this condition far more manageable. And would be prescribed for any degree of PGP.

(Please note -Always seek help and advise from a trained professional)

Approaching day to day tasks you will need to think about how you move.

Here is an everyday example to help get in and out of bed.

Keeping your legs together. Hips and knees square, rolling onto your side and pushing yourself up to seated using your arms. Swing your legs gently, allowing your legs to dangle off bed/sofa, keeping them firmly together throughout the movement.

Remember the golden rule – if it hurts or gives you pain STOP

(A small minority will experience extreme pain, during pregnancy you are not able to use pain relief in the same way as before. Please consult your doctor or midwife for advice on pain relief and ways to deal with it.)

I hope this gives you a good starting point for PGP management. You can reach me through email for further advice on specific areas and questions. -sally@crossfitlondonuk.com


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach at Bethnal Green

19th September -Lumber Jacks 20 – No try 60!

Anyone who has done Lumber Jack 20 before will have vivid memories and traumatic scar’s. All in the name of  remembering lost soldiers.

Lumber Jack 20 is a hero workout in which Crossfit uses the workouts to honour those lost in combat. There was an awesome comment on the main Crossfit site that said “You’re here, they are not so go hard”

I love the sentiment of that comment and that is absolutely what we did!

Props to Kirsty and Adrienne who accompanied me.

This is how it went………….

Firstly Overhead Squat 1 Rm.

Kirsty 42.5Kg

Adrienne 50Kg

Me (Sally) 60Kg

Now to explain LJ.

Tom and his crew on sat did this as a team so not wanting to be left out so did we.

Multiply  the reps by the amount of people. For each move those reps needed to be accumulated by the team. This meant that stronger members would end up doing more and weaker members less. In between each move is a 400m dash! Nice.

(I am just going to list the female weights for this workout)

Deadlift 85kg


Kettlebell Swing 24Kg


Overhead Squat 38.5Kg




Pull ups


Box Jumps 24 inches


Dumbell Squat Cleans 15Kg each arm

So for each move your looking at 60 reps.

The Deadlifts were the move to slow us down and personally I don’t like running but hey you can’t love it all.

Another Stonker of a workout for the team trails. Nice one Crew.


Sally Dixey is a Personal Trainer with Crossfit London in Bethnal Green


Personal Training Status

To date my Personal training schedule has been closed while I adjust to Mummy-hood.

I now want to put myself out there again as a personal trainer (not just a pre and post natal trainer) ready for my clients and to reflect my new status as Mummy and consequently because I need to have Snoop in the gym while I coach. I am revising what I charge hourly.

Previously I charged £60 for the hour but am going to reduce the charge to £50 as a gesture toward having my baby in the gym while sessions are delivered.

How does that work???

Well Snoop is quite happy to watch us and play with his toys, he sometimes will pipe up with a few encouraging words from time to time.

Obviously I don’t want to spend all day teaching back to back ignoring my child in the corner but carefully scheduled appointments means I can keep a balance of work and play.


Sally Dixey is a Personal Trainer with Crossfit London in Bethnal Green


5th September – Team Trial with Karen

I had a fight with Karen last night and beat her arse down!

This was my Facebook status last night.

Anyone not in the know would be thinking “maybe I should de-friend Sally, she seems to have anger issues”

To all my Crossfit buddies they will know that Karen is 150 wall balls for time, 6kg medicine ball and hitting a 9ft target.

I nearly vomited but I proudly made it in sub 6 minutes (5.51)

I literally dropped to all fours and tried to breathe, my lungs felt like they were on fire and I loved it!

This was the first of the Team Trial sessions I am currently running at Crossfit London Wednesday @ 8.30pm.

You don’t need to want to be in the final team to take part but you do need to have a good skill set and fitness level as the classes are tough.

I had a small group yesterday -Ben, Chris and Kirsty.

What did we do………

5 minute double under practise followed by hip mobility to complement the wall balls.

Straight into clean and jerk drills and working up to a 1rm

Nice PB Ben!

Snatches were harder then expected so guess what I was drilling like mad today in training!

Finally all four of us smashed Karen to bits.

Male standard – 9kg ball, 10ft target

Female standard – 6 kg, 9ft target

Chris 8.02

Kirsty 8.57

Ben 12.31

Nice work people, see you next time.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Personal Trainer in Bethnal Green

Places for Wonderbar going fast!


Game On

In addition to Tom’s Saturday morning team trial practise session (Crossfit London)  I, Sally ‘Tough Chick’ Dixey will be running a mid-week session catching up on all the material covered on Saturday.

I will be training alongside you, as well as taking us through competition technique and standards.

Expect This……….

The class WILL be TOUGH.

Scaling at this level is most frowned upon. You should want to push yourself out of your comfort zone and be prepared to work hard!

You can cry just don’t be a baby about it!

If this sounds like your cup of tea then I will see you next Wednesday 8.30pm

Bring your games faces people!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Personal Trainer in Bethnal Green


Back after the Loooonnnnngggg Weekend!

Yikes Summer is nearly over. Where does the time go to???

I have just spent an amazing weekend with my fantastic friends. I need to say a big thank you to my sister for looking after Snoop for the entire bank holiday weekend.

I love being mum to Snoop but having a whole weekend to myself with my husband was awesome. We had tickets for SW4 in Clapham where we danced our socks off.

Come Sunday morning though we both looked at each other and said the same thing -“we missed our baby” Ah bless, we picked him up on Monday morning to loads of cuddles and smiles from him.

This also meant that my posting is a bit behind………

Check out this photo of me hanging around.


Hanging Around
Hanging Around

So after the long weekend my first session back was yesterday.

I got my first ropey ring dip today which I am most cuffed about. Now I have pull ups it’s the turn of ring dips. Slowly but surely I am going to work through my hit list if it kills me!!!!!1

As well as trying out the dips unaided I am also now includeing them in my strength routine. In between sets of bench press or back squat I am adding sets of either ring dips or pull ups.

I am doing the same lay out as with my pull ups. 5 sets with 3-7 reps each set.

With my ring dips I am using a thin red band for support. I am able to get 3-4 reps each set.

With my Pull ups I am averaging 4-5 reps per set with no band support! Whoop Whoop!


Strength is still working through Juggernaut. I still have 6 weeks left in the cycle.

Training posts could get a bit same same but I am going to persist. I will just need to break it up with some good met cons.

Back Squat and Bench Press

50% x 5 reps

60% x 3 reps

70% x 2 reps

75% x 1 rep

80% x AMAP (as many as possible)

Slowly over the weeks I have added more accessory moves and today was the turn of the L sit hold.

This move will compliment working toward my toes to bar. It is when you either hang from a bar and extend the legs out and hold. This uses your hip flexor and importantly your abdominals.

Instead of hangin though I used 2 boxes either side of me to support my hands and body and held my legs out here. I tend to get terrible cramp in my quads so find I am more of a hanging basket after a few tries then an L sit.

Give it a go and see how you find it. (If I was still pregnant I would not be doing this move past the 4-5 month due to the size of the bump)


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit LondonPersonal Trainer in Bethnal Green.

21st August -Slam Ball Central

Skipping training on Sunday always makes Tuesday’s session a bit tougher as I have some catch up to do.

I wanted to fit a met con in today to make up and with a new deliver at the gym of a load of slam balls I knew it had to include them.

Slam balls – a specially designed ball that you can throw/slam into the floor. It looks a bit like a very large stress ball but filled with something a bit heavier.

Strength was first on my list to attack.

Starting the intensification phase of the 8’s wave. Have you read up on juggernaut yet?

My warm up sets looked like this….

60%, 67.5% with 3 reps in each set.

Workings sets were 8 reps 3 sets at 72.5%

And of course Repping the last set.

Next up met con time!

I haven’t used a slam ball in maybe 3 years or more.

It’s not a favourite of mine, I will do it but only when I am told to. It’s not high on my hit list. I think because I am a lady and slam balls are quite a bloke-y primal move.

Anyways it’s new kit in the gym so I am up for giving it a once over.

We did 3 rounds of

20 slam balls

20 medicine ball cleans

20 knees to elbow


I can work through a met con like this no problem just not in the best of times as although I quite like doing them I have very few knees 2 elbow meaning I have to break down the 20 into 2’s and 1’s

Another move I need to improve on!

I got the work done in 16 minutes 37.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London personal trainer in Bethnal Green