My East London FooFoo Fun Club Ladies give you an in sight as to what you can achieve;

  • Foo foo has been a great experience for me. It’s helped me understand how my pelvic floor works and what to do to get it in shape. My continence confidence has increased and I feel so much more positive about my future pelvic floor function. Not only this but the sessions also provided a time and space for us women talk and support each other. I would recommend it!
  • Sally is an excellent motivator. She made the classes interesting and fun, tailoring exercises to suit our individual needs. I felt that Sally really cared about me and the benefit that the FooFoo classes would have on my health a0nd fitness. It is a really holistic approach and Sally’s knowledge of nutrition really inspired me to think about my health and wellbeing – something that had been forgotten since the birth of my baby.  The FooFoo program is simple and the idea is easy to grasp. I found myself thinking about my posture, not just my pelvic floor, and the exercise helped me to build confidence by strengthening my core muscles and making me feel more in control of my body.

What about Personal Training?

  • I can’t recommend Sally enough! I have had personal trainers before but none have helped me maximise my strengths and overcome my fears like Sally. What I love is her style of coaching. While most trainers focus on form by talking at you, Sally has an uncanny eye to spot my slightest deviation from the correct stance and knows exactly how to communicate what I need to do to correct myself by getting me to really focus on how my body feels in the correct position. She also has the ability to drive you to try harder than you thought possible and enjoy every minute of it!
  • Who would have thought it!! Certainly no one would have in my family! But I have done it with your help and got over my phobia of THE GYM. Thanks Sally
  • You have given me confidence that nobody else has succeeded in over the last 50 years – and will be eternally grateful for your help.
  • Sally has an easy comfortable manner and a delightful personality. She works professionally at all times and is totally committed to teaching better awareness of movement alongside getting a really good workout!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach in East London.

For more information on CrossFit, Pre & Post natal fitness or general fitness email Sally @ sally@crossfitlondonuk.com

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